Photograph of Dr Michalis KontopodisDr Michalis Kontopodis

Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology
Tel:(+44) (0)114 222 3633

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Dr Michalis Kontopodis joined the School of Education as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology & Education in 2016. He is Director of the MSc in Psychology and Education, and teaches a variety of courses at BA and MA levels (Learning, psychology & communities; Qualitative research methods; Learning & development in global contexts etc.).

PhD Supervision:

Dr Michalis Kontopodis welcomes potential PhD students interested in youth studies, critical psychology, global education and/or media research to contact him and discuss their ideas and research proposals.



Michalis Kontopodis’s research explores the differences and similarities in the everyday lives of today’s young people in a variety of off-/ online, urban or countryside, educational and community settings around the globe. Located in places as diverse as Athens, Berlin, California, Porto Alegre and the indigenous Amazon his research aims to tackle educational and social inequalities and global issues associated with today’s ecological, financial and geopolitical crises. His various projects have led to a long list of publications in English, German, French, Portuguese and Russian. Visiting scholarships/ professorships: Escuela Normal del Estado, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Pontíficia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil; Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Russia; City University of New York.


Makerspaces in the Early Years: Enhancing Digital Literacy & Creativity. EU Marie Curie RISE. PI: Prof. Jackie Marsh. (2017-2019).

Imagens, Tecnologias e Infâncias/ Images, Technologies & Childhoods. Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, Brazil. External Advisor/ Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (2015-2017).

Semiótica da Cultura e da Mídia/ Semiotics of Culture & Media. Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, Brazil. External Advisor/ Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. (2014-2016)

PI: Global Perspectives on Learning & Development with Digital Video-Editing Media. EU Marie Curie IRSES/ RISE. University of Crete; Free University Berlin; UCL Institute of Education; Pontíficia Universidade Católica de São Paulo; Jawaharlal Nehru University & Moscow State University (2012–2014).



  • Director of Research Internationalisation
  • Member of the steering committee of the Sheffield Digital Society Network
  • Expert evaluator of the EU Horizon 2020
  • Member of editorial board: Current Anthropology; European Journal of Psychology & Education; Educação em Foco.
  • Founding Editor: Peter Lang International Book Series: (Post-)Critical Global Studies (in English, Spanish & Portuguese).
  • Secretary of the International Society for Cultural & Activity Research (2008–2011).
  • Member of the British Educational Research Association & the German Society for Educational Science/ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft
  • Evaluator of Research Proposals for The Danish Council for Independent Research
  • Reviewer: Springer Series International Studies in Early Childhood Education; Routledge Research in Education Series; SAGE Series in Research Methods
  • Visiting scholarships/ professorships: Escuela Normal del Estado, Mexico; Pontíficia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil; Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; Moscow State University of Psychology and Education; City University of New York. 


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Book Chapters

Ferrin, N. & Kontopodis, M. (2017). Playing sports with Nintendo Wii in Berlin: Technography, interactivity and imagination. In M. Kontopodis, C. Varvantakis, & C. Wulf (Eds.), Global youth in digital trajectories (pp. 39-52). London: Routledge.

De Bruin-Wassinkmaat, A.-R., & Kontopodis, M. (2016). How should an ideal innovation process take place? A dialogue with teachers from innovative Dutch secondary schools. In B. Althans & J. Engel (eds.), Responsive Organisationsforschung: Methodologien und institutionelle Rahmungen von Übergängen (pp. 255-283). Wiesbaden: Springer VS-Verlag.

Kontopodis, Michalis & Trouli, Sofia & Graeser, Stefanie (2016). Analyzing Children and Young People’s Drawings: History, Interpretation and Open Questions. In: M. Pourkos (ed.) Possibilities and Limits of Arts-Based Qualitative Research Methodologies. Athens: Ion. [in Greek]

Kontopodis, Michalis (2011). Enacting Human Developments: from Representation to Virtuality. In: M. Kontopodis, C. Wulf & B. Fichtner (eds.) Children, Development and Education: Cultural, Historical, Anthropological Perspectives (pp. 185-206). Dordrecht, London, New Delhi and New York: Springer (ISBN: 978-94-007-0242-4).

Margit-Schütz-Foerste, Gerda; Kontopodis, Michalis & Ramos de Vasconcellos, Vera (2011). Semiotic Mediation and Images of Childhood: A Study of the Aesthetic-visual Education with Children. In: U. Buchmann, E. Diezemann, R. Huisinga, S. Koehler & T. Zielke (eds.) Internationale Perspektiven der Subjektentwicklungs- und Inklusionsforschung (pp. 188-202). Frankfurt am Main: Verlag der Gesellschaft zur Förderung arbeitsorientierter Forschung und Bildung (ISBN 978-3-925070-87-7). [in English]

Kontopodis, Michalis (2008). The “Transitory” Moment: On Time & Subjectivity in Contemporary Art and Art and Dance Therapy. In: R. Hampe, D. & P. Stalder (eds.) Grenzüberschreitungen - Bewusstseinswandel und Gesundheitshandeln (pp. 459-467). Berlin: Frank & Timme (ISBN-10: 3865961126).

Kontopodis, Michalis (2006). Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Time: Time as a Socio-historical and Cultural phenomenon and its Implication. In: M. Pourkos (ed.) Socio-Historical and Cultural Approaches in Psychology and Education (pp. 227- 244). Athens: Atrapos. [in Greek]