Xuexin Guo

Email: xguo8@sheffield.ac.uk

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Payne

Programme: PhD

Title of Thesis:

Exploring Mandarin Teaching and Learning in England: A Critical Examination of Native and Non-native Teachers’ views, beliefs and pedagogical practices in secondary schools


My study aims to explore native and non-native teachers’ views and beliefs on teaching and learning Mandarin in secondary schools in England. There are three aspects in this research: Mandarin teachers’ beliefs towards teaching Mandarin as a second language, Mandarin teachers’ pedagogical practices in the classrooms and the influence of teachers’ beliefs and pedagogical practices on students’ learning of Mandarin in class. Therefore, a conceptual framework based on Woods (1996) and Borg (2003) is designed and relevant literature is examined. Classroom observation, semi-structured interview and document analysis will be the main research methods in this study.

The research questions that I want to investigate are:

  1. What are the views and beliefs of Mandarin teachers in teaching and learning Mandarin as a second language in England? What, if any, are the differences between Native teachers and Non-native teachers?
  2. How do Mandarin teachers’ views and beliefs impact upon their pedagogical practices?
  3. How do the pedagogical practices in Mandarin classes influence students’ learning engagement?

Conferences and Presentations:

17-18 June 2016, the 13th IOE Confucius Institute Annual Chinese Conference, Institute of Education, University College London. Poster presentation: Exploring Mandarin Teachers’ views, beliefs and pedagogical practices in secondary schools in England.