Sevim Karaoglu

Photograph of Sevim Karaoglu

Supervisor: Professor Elizabeth A. Wood

Programme: PhD

Turkish Pre-School Teachers’ Understanding Of Social Emotional Development And Learning in The Context Of Play

Details of research:

This study investigates the relationship between play and social and emotional learning and development (SELD) in the Turkish early years education system. Specifically, the concept of the association between social emotional aspects of development and learning will be explored through free and structured play. . The current research will be underpinned by the pedagogical theories to explore teachers’ thoughts and practices regarding curriculum implementation and aims to be a starting point for understanding teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards SELD in Turkey. Play has many benefits for children and it is an important vehicle for children’s learning in the early years. Early childhood education is a required educational period which helps young children’s academic achievements and school readiness (Oers and Dujkers, 2012). In this period, it is important to provide high quality experiences for children to promote learning. Play in a high quality setting can provide children with an excellent learning and teaching environment where they can make sense of and explore the world and might experience the real practices in the first hand as well (Wood, 2010; Duncan and Lockwood, 2008). The research puts much more emphasis on the pedagogical perspective that is the educational implementation of SELD, teachers’ practices and their understandings.

In my research, I intend to examine what teachers’ understanding about SELD in play context in early years settings and how they could provide children with the best opportunities to develop SELD through play. This proposed research planned as a case study due to collect realistic data in real educational contexts. The data collected in qualitative research is rich, deep and intensive through interviews and conversations. In this study video recording will be also be employed with a convenience sample to capture details and variations in practice and to act as a method for stimulated recall with the teachers.


2010: Faculty of Education, Undergraduate Programme, Preschool Education Teaching Deparment, Gazi University, Ankara/ Turkey.

2013: Institute of Education, MA Early Years Education, University of London, London.


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Assistant Leader/ Educator (60 hours), In Leadership/Educator Creative Drama in Education Program in Ankara, 2010.

Assistant Teacher in International Creche of The University of Sheffield, 2014