Talgat Zhussipbek

Email: tzhussipbek1@sheffield.ac.uk
Supervisor: Professor Pat Sikes

Programme: PhD

Thesis Title:

'Co-educational or gender-segregated: students' and alumni's perceptions and experiences'

Details of research:

Research findings from a range of countries provide conflicting evidence as to the social and educational consequences of single-sex schooling. In Kazakhstan there is some evidence pointing to enhanced academic performance for both sexes in single-sex schools. Although, the fact that students in these institutions board – giving schools more control over how they spend their time - and are also more likely to be from families where education is valued, complicates matters. Learners’ academic success in Kazakhstani single-sex secondary schools inspired my interest about students’ experiences and perceptions of how a single-sex environment affects student’s academic progress as such, the primary research question is: Does gender-segregation have an impact on students’ academic performance? This overarching research question underpins the aim of the study which is: to explore students’ and alumni views on the impact of single-sex secondary schools in Kazakhstan on student’s academic success. The reason for focusing on students’ and alumni perceptions is based on a personal interest in their experience at single-sex secondary schools and my aspirations to gain insight into gender-segregation in Kazakhstani secondary schools.

It is hoped this research will have the potential to provide some constructive arguments and ideas for policymakers in respect of educational change management.


2009: BA, Foreign Languages (English, French), Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute

2013: MA: Foreign Languages (English, Turkish), Suleyman Demirel University