Education, Culture and Childhood BA (Part-Time)
Course Code: EDUU02

The degree is offered on a part-time basis, which allows for the workload to be spread across a period of five years. The following provides a general overview of how the course is usually structured and taught, as well as the necessary information needed for applying and entry.

There is also the option to study the Education, Culture and Childhood BA with Foundation Year on a part-time basis.

Degree Structure

Each level of study is comprised of 120 credits, with each module worth 20 credits each, in total there are 3 levels to complete which will normally take five years on a part-time course. For each of the first two years, you will take 60 credits (three modules). You will then have completed Level 1. During Levels 2 and 3 you will normally take 80 credits each year.

An example of student progression through the degree might be as follows:


Module Choice

1st Year - 60 credits, 3 modules Education, Power and Society: Introduction to the Sociology of Education; Social and Historical Constructions of Childhood; Making Sense of Education: Facts, Fiction and Data.
2nd Year - 60 credits, 3 modules Critical Curriculum Study; Child Psychology; Histories of Education.
3rd Year - 80 credits, 4 modules Understanding Education: Research and Researching; Research Project in Education, Culture and Childhood; Dimensions of Education Policy; Placement.
4th Year - 80 credits, 4 modules Education@Sheffield; Globalising Education; and two from the following three: Children and Digital Cultures; Psychology and Learning Communities; Being a Teacher.
5th Year - 80 credits, 3 modules Dissertation; Philosophies of Education; and two from the following three: Psychological Theory and Childhood Experience; What is Learning?; Participatory Research with Children and Young People.

Timing of Classes

Classes will take place on weekdays during the day. For each taught module, there will be one two-hour session each week. Classes will be timetabled to facilitate you completing your studies alongside work and other commitments.

Entry Requirements

We recognise that mature students often possess knowledge, skills, experiences and attributes that can be considered in place of 'A' levels or equivalent qualifications. For this reason, students applying for part-time study will normally be invited for interview. At the interview we will look for things such as enthusiasm, experience, subject knowledge, relevant skills, interests and activities, and an awareness of the time commitments involved in studying part-time for a University qualification. We would expect candidates to possess basic computer literacy together with English and Maths GCSE grade C or equivalent.

Course Fees


The fee for Year 1 of the part-time BA is £4,625 (60 credits). The fees for Year 2 will be based on 60 credits and the fees for Years 3, 4 and 5 will be based on 80 credits. Fees may rise slightly each year in line with inflation.

This fee covers all charges for registration, tuition, access to materials in The Sheffield University library – including e-journals and books - and handbooks. Also included in this fee are the Year 2 CRB checks and digital recorders for student research.

The fee does not include the costs of additional set course books, your postage or telephone calls to the University, and the binding of your dissertation.

Students studying part-time are eligible to apply for the fee waiver.

Applying for part-time study

Students wishing to study the degree programme on a part-time basis, please complete the application form at the bottom of this page.

Career Opportunities

The degree opens up a range of possible careers opportunities. These include educational leadership and management, educational journalism, community education and development, early years services, youth, charity and educational welfare work. You could go on to complete a PGCE and become a primary school teacher. With further training, graduates can pursue careers in social work and educational psychology.

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