Project DemonstrationProject work

Project work provides our students with valuable skills and training on the practical aspects of engineering. These projects build on the laboratory skills developed in Years 1 & 2 and provide our students with an opportunity to practice real-world engineering. Students are provided with a choice of projects covering virtually all aspects of electronic and electrical engineering and are encouraged to suggest their own should they wish. All of our projects involve systems engineering and project management in addition to the more familiar skills including analogue & digital design, computer programming, simulation and prototyping. Many of the projects are supported by industry.

3rd year projects

During Year 3 our students complete an individual project which is closely aligned to the activities of our research groups. Over 18 weeks the student must generate a specification, perform a background literature review, undertake detailed analysis and design and prototyping their project. These projects provide our students with first-hand experience of system life cycle.

4th year projects

These are group projects where up to four students work in a team to develop a solution to more complex problems. Building on their experiences from their third year projects, the group must sub-divide the project in to sub-projects, allocate tasks and manage them to ensure the project is completed on time.

Recent projects

Communications and Computing - Touch screen computing surfaces Semiconductor - Business case for specialised diode manufacture
Touch Screen Computing Surface Business case for specialised diode manufacture
Automotive - Electric Go-Kart Aerospace - Modular control systems for electric aircraft
Electric Go-Kart Modular control systems for electric aircraft
Automation and Manufacturing - 3D printer Renewable energy - Energy usage in the home
3D printer Energy usage in the home


Some projects take place in our general purpose 3rd year and 4th year project laboratories and these are fitted with workstations which include typical test and measurement equipment including oscilloscopes, signal generators and power supplies. More specialised projects are conducted in the research groups as they need access to specialised equipment. Examples include the semiconductor fabrication facility, anechoic chambers for antenna characterisation, motor/generator test beds, digital logic and VLSI design suites.


All students are allocated a supervisory team who they meet regularly to review progress and provide advice.

Industrial Sponsorship

A number of our projects are sponsored by industry. During these projects the student(s) would be expected to present the findings of their project to the sponsor. Companies who have sponsored projects include: ARM; Cooper Lighting; Gripple; Efergy; Huntleigh Healthcare; Inductelec; LabLogic; Ricardo; Siemens; and Wolf Safety Lamp Company.