Eddie Bryan - Graduate Hardware Engineer for ARM

MEng Digital Electronics (now Electronics and Computer Engineering)

Eddie“I had always been interested in engineering and enjoyed finding out how different technologies work, fixing things, and building my own instruments, which after deciding that I would return to university to led me to choose Electronics and Electrical Engineering. During the course, I had the opportunity to explore a wide range of aspects of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, including programming and computer architecture, which lead me to specialising in Digital Electronics for my Masters.

The first two years of the course had a very broad scope, giving everyone a wide variety of experience. By the end of second year, we were given the option to specialise into a particular area of interest, in my case digital electronics. The final two years involved a great deal of project work, which allowed a great deal of practical insight into an area of more specialist interest. The final year was even more specialised and offered a wide range of modules around some state of the art technologies and skills, such as Computer Vision and System Design. This course allowed me to find my area of interest and the opportunities required to develop useful skills in that area.

I chose to work for ARM as they are at the cutting edge of technology, designing the IP for the latest generation of mobile devices, driving the development of IoT and smart devices, and providing a platform for future communications and many other areas. My degree has given me a good level of knowledge around these technologies, as well as the ability to quickly pick up new skills, such as different programming languages, which has allowed me to be adaptable in my roles at work.”

I chose to work for ARM as they are at the cutting edge of technology...My degree has given me a good level of knowledge around these technologies.

Eddie - EEE Alumni