Professor Tony Cullis

Emeritus Professor

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  • MA
  • DPhil
  • DSc

Research Activities

  • Impact of semiconductor growth morphology upon relief of heteroepitaxial stress
  • Defect structure and composition of semiconductor heteroepitixial systems (including growth studies using in situ synchotron X-ray topography)
  • Nature of lattice disorder and impurity distributions produced by ion implantation and subsequent processing of semiconductors
  • Nanoscale microanalysis by advanced analytical electron microscopy
  • Microscopic morphology and luminescence properties of porous Si
  • Ultra-high speed melt growth phenomena in semiconductors, together with processing techniques
  • Study of solid-phase precipitation phenomena in semiconductors
  • Study of the structural properties of superconducting films
  • Preparation of metastable metal substitutional solid solutions and amorphous alloys

Semiconductor Materials & Devices Research Group