Working with Industry

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Our Department has an excellent reputation for the quality of its graduates. Critical factors in our success are research-led teaching, a stimulating environment, world-class facilities and strong links with industry

Industry and Teaching

Teaching in the Department is underpinned by our close working relationship with industry. We believe that giving students the chance to experience real engineering problems is essential part of them becoming great engineers of the future.

  • The chance to raise your company profile with a pool of high quality potential graduates, which can give your recruitment drive a boost
  • A fresh unconventional look at some of your problems from students who have access to the full resources of the University
  • Help with research and development or ‘blue sky’ projects
  • An opportunity to find out how our students would approach your problem, taking into account realistic, practical and commercial constraints
  • The chance to help students – who could be your future employees – to develop a better understanding of what industry is looking for
  • Building a relationship with the department and the chance to get involved with cutting edge research and other potential collaborations

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Watch Vinayak, one of our international MSc students, talk about his experiences securing a Technology Graduate Programme with PricewaterhouseCoopers via Tier 2. 

Careers and Recruitment

For students in all years, enhancing your employability, gaining work experience and securing a good graduate job or a place to do postgraduate study, is essential. Our Department works closely with the University´s Careers Service to offer support to our students.
Having a pool of high quality graduate students, we can assist in giving your recruitment drive a boost.

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