SHIPS Projects

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SHIPS - What is it?

The SHeffield Industrial Projects Scheme is a teaching scheme that introduces second year undergraduate Electronic & Electrical Eng. students to real industrial problem solving; bridging the gap between Academic Theory and Industrial Practice.


  • To tackle industrially inspired engineering problem based projects, with realistic practical and commercial constraints, working in small teams.
  • To help fulfill the Engineering Council’s requirement that "solving real engineering problems" should form "a significant component of the educational base of future Chartered Engineers".

A company contributes

A real engineering problem with real industrial constraints; A half-day site visit, presenting their problem in context and giving an overview of the company; People to attend an afternoon of 'stand-up' presentations at the University where students present their findings.

A company gains

Highly motivated students taking a fresh & intensive look at your problem; Outcomes that may spark further ideas and open new avenues for you; An opportunity to raise your company's profile among a pool of high quality potential recruits; A written report from each group covering their investigations & findings.

Students contribute

Second year students bring their fresh uncluttered minds and sound grounding in basic scientific & engineering principles plus their ability to access the full resources of the University.

The students gain

Valuable experience of tackling real-world problems & teamwork; A sound base - needed to build future careers as professional engineers; An enjoyable educational experience.

Just two half-days of your time....

Host a half-day site visit at your company

  • Present a technical challenge "in-context" for students to go away and study.
  • Let students see a little "real-world" Engineering.
  • For 15 - 30 students & staff.
  • On Monday 21st Oct 2013

And later, come to hear your students present their findings

  • Held at the University.
  • Hear what the students have to say.
  • Question them on the outcomes.
  • On Monday 9th Dec 2013

... and that's it!

Why work with us?

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SHIPS, a pioneer of its kind, has run successfully for nearly 40 years, involving over a hundred local, national and international companies. Our Dept. scored very high marks in the Government's assessments of both Research Quality (graded 5 'Star') and Teaching Quality (scored 24 out of a possible 24 pts) Our degree courses have full I.E.T. accreditation.

Recent Partners

  • Antenova
  • ARM
  • ARUP
  • Bradley Lomas Electrolok
  • Catal
  • Cooper Lighting & Security
  • Corus
  • Crich Tramway Museum
  • Goodrich Avionics
  • Inductelec
  • MAGNA Centre
  • Onyx
  • PCL
  • Perry-Slingsby
  • Stagecoach Supertram
  • VeryPC
  • Rolls-Royce
  • National Grid
  • Siemens VAI
  • Sensdata