Congratulations to our 2015-16 Prize Winners

To be awarded a prize, the following students have worked exceptionally hard:

Mr Chin Hang Kwan - Professor Sharom Ahmat Prize
Mr Chatura Theekshana Bandara Samarakoon - Frank Benson Memorial prize
Ms Hannah Catherine Shaw, Mr Alexander Stuart Bradley and Mr Thomas Alexander Brown - Bramwell Prize
Mr Ye Geng - Oliver Butler Prize
Mr Kevin John Brown- Douglas Harrison Prize
Ms Huiyuan Jia and Mr Tingzhao Yang - Peter Hopkinson Prize
Mr Matthew James Fergusson - IET Prize
Mr Andrea Vincenzo Corrado - Mappin Medal and Premium
Kevin John Brown - Oxfizz Prize
Mr Sylvester John Shen Choo - Richard Rhodes Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Find out what some of the recipients had to say

Andrea Corrado, Mappin Medal

Andrea CorradoThroughout my academic career I have always had a keen interest in Electronics both the physical and theoretical aspects. Through the reputation of the University of Sheffield it was an easy decision when I received the offer to study here, and what a fantastic decision it was. The course offered everything I was keenly interested in. Through the attentive teaching staff and course material my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics was a thoroughly interesting one, which helped to significantly develop me on an academic and personal level. Numerous opportunities for a student to realise their goals were encouraged by the University, such as placement years. Between my 2nd and 3rd years I took place in a year long internship at ARM, this opportunity helped me to further to develop my skills already gained from the course and develop further skills which would help me significantly in my 3rd final year. I firmly believe thanks to my academic experience at the University of Sheffield and internship at ARM helped mold me into the best Engineer I could have been.

Huiyun Jia, Peter Hopkinson Prize (shared)

Huiyuan JiaFirst I want thanks for my supervisor Dr Martin Foster who gave me lots of help with my project. I'd like to say never give up - do one thing at a time and do well. Believe in yourself!

Alexander Bradley, Bramwell Prize (shared)

Alexander BradleyI would like to take the time to thank those who have funded the Bramwell Prize, I am very much grateful and admire the generosity; this is a fantastic way to recognise my achievement in second year coursework and I wish the relatives of the sponsor all the very best in the future.

Oliver Johnson, Sir Harold West Award

Oliver JohnsonI am honoured to have been awarded the Sir Harold West Award from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield. This award will help me hugely when I come to apply for internships with engineering companies for next summer. It has been my ambition for a long time (and currently still is) to start a career in the space industry, preferably to work either for the European Space Agency or for one of their prime contractors. I am involved in the University of Sheffield's Shell Eco Marathon team where I am part of the Electrical Propulsion sub-team.

Kevin Brown, Oxfizz Prize

Kevin BrownI'm thrilled to receive this award: My academic year has been hard work and challenging, but those moments when it all clicks and you suddenly understand are worth the effort! I'm now trying to apply what I've learnt in my summer internship with Tata Steel, another huge challenge but one that I'm relishing.

Leh Lim, Prof Peter Robson Semiconductor Prize

Leh LimI am truly grateful to have been given recognition for my work. This was all possible because of Prof. Peter Robson's contribution to the University. Words are not enough to express my delight and gratitude. Having received the prize, it encourages me to strive and contribute to the field of semiconductors in my coming years of PhD studies in Sheffield.

Otis Rook-Grignon, Demetrios Yiannakou Prize

Otis Rook GrignonI have recently completed my studies at the University of Sheffield with a 1st class degree in Electrical Engineering. During my time at the University I was the President of the Electrical Engineering Society in the 3rd year and managed to eradicate £1800 of the Society’s debt. In my 4th year I was the treasurer of the Electrical Engineering Society and, in partnership with the IET, put on events to York and Rotterdam. I would like to thank the family who have provided me with this prize as it will help me get my feet on the ground moving to a new city which I need to do to undertake my graduate job with National Grid.

Chin Hang Kwan, Professor Sharom Ahmat Prize

Chin Hang KwanI am sincerely honoured and appreciative for receiving the Professor Sharom Ahmat Prize. The award is an important recognition of my hard work during my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I have faced several challenges on my way in the final year, In particular I have never done any individual academic project before, so for me it was a hard time. Nevertheless, each one of them has only strengthened me to make me the person I am today. Being an international student from Hong Kong, this award means a lot, and most importantly it boosts my confidence in preparing my future engineering career. I would like to thank the prize sponsor for his generous support.

Tinzhao Yang, Peter Hopkinson Prize (shared)

Tingzhao YangThe best of me is waiting at the end of the road.

Sylvester Choo, Richard Rhodes Prize

Sylvester ChooI am delighted and honoured to receive the Richard Rhodes Prize from the Department. This award and recognition from the prize sponsor and the Department motivates me to continue to strive and pursue my career. As a direct entry year 2 student, it has been a challenging and amazing journey studying at the University of Sheffield. I would like to thank all my lecturers, my supervisors and my friends as they are the ones that made my life so meaningful and interesting.

Chatura Samarakoon, Frank Benson Memorial Prize

C SamarakoonI am in my fourth and final year of study, working towards an MEng degree in Electronic Engineering.

During my time in Sheffield, I have represented my cohort in the departmental staff student committee for 2 years, liaising between my fellow students and helping the members of the faculty staff to provide a better student experience. I was also an active member on the departmental teaching committee, providing an insight into the thoughts of the student population on the department's learning and teaching strategy and working to improve the effectiveness of the education offered by the department. I was a student mentor for a group of first year EEE students, acting as their first point of contact and providing guidance on issues they might have in settling into university life. I was also the departmental Student Ambassador for learning and teaching (SALT) and with other SALTs from the faculty, I carried out an investigation into how the student experience in the Diamond can be improved.

Outside departmental activities, I have served as a committee member for two university societies and was also a founding member of the Sheffield Eco Motorsports (SEM) team. The team is focused on designing a prototype electrical vehicle to compete in the Shell Eco Marathon competition in 2017. Made up of students from all departments in the faculty of engineering, the SEM initiative allows engineering students to gain experience in working in a cross disciplinary team, towards a common goal. The task involves the design of many interconnected components and is representative of a real life engineering problem where efficient inter-team communication and scheduling is vital to the project's success. The team itself is split into sub teams focused on the Electrical and Mechanical subsystems. I am tasked with coordinating the electrical subsystem of the vehicle design, delegating the tasks to my team members, liaising with faculty staff and managing the overall progress of the electrical design.

I was a recipient of the IET undergraduate grant in 2015 and a shortlisted nominee for the Sir William Siemens Medal in 2014. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, photography and tinkering with ideas. I plan to continue my higher studies upon the completion of my undergraduate degree.

Zhicai Chen, Stephenson Prize

I am deeply grateful for being chosen as the recipient of Stephenson Prize. As a continuing International student, final year of study is difficult, thus to be acknowledged for my project performance is a great honour and means a lot to me. The prize will also encourage me to finish my PhD study within the department. I would also like to express my gratitude to my supervisors: Dr Luke Seed and Dr Peter Rockett: this achievement cannot be done without their support.

Ye Geng, Oliver Butler Prize

Ye GengI completed my degree in Electrical Engineering with a year in the industry at Sheffield University. Meeting people from all over the world, I spent some great time in Sheffield. I am also glad I was able to pick up the skills required to go into the industry. In the future I wish I could become the engineer to develop things that benefit all of society. The photo is of me at the AVL Conference with CPT.