Congratulations to our 2017 Prize Winners!

The prizes have been awarded based on the effort and achievements of the individual students - well done!

Level 1

Oxfizz Prize awarded to Peter Findlay
Sir Harold West Award
awarded to Kevin Obuya

Level 2

Douglas Harrison Prize awarded to Kaiwen Zhang and Oliver Johnson
Bramwell Prize awarded to Oliver Johnson

Levels 3 & 4

Mappin Medal and Premium awarded to Chatura Samarakoon
Professor Sharom Ahmet Prize
awarded to Jack Forrester
Oliver Butler Prize
awarded to Aleksandr Boldin
Peter Hopkinson Prize
awarded to Edward James Bryan and Elliott Louis Hogg
Richard Rhodes Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
awarded to Tutor Andrei Mot
Professor Peter Robson Semiconductor Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
awarded to Minghua Lai
Stephenson Prize
awarded to Robert Steven Nichols
Hector Aitken Wainwright Prize
awarded to Edward George Francis Helsby and Zhuojun Jiang
Demetrios Yiannakou Prize
awarded to Kevin John Brown
Frank Benson Memorial Prize
awarded to Matthew William Shadrack
IET Prize
awarded to Oghoghooghenezino Ogbogbaidi

MSc Level:

Thomas and Daisy Walker Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering for the Best in MSc Cohort awarded to Rong Zou.
Thomas and Daisy Walker Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering for the Best Project in the MSc Cohort awarded to Chufan Wang.
David Howe Prize awarded to Tianran He.

Peter Findlay - Oxfizz Prize

I'm really happy my effort towards my degree has been this successful. I would like to thank the prize sponsors for their generosity, and those that have given me support throughout the year. I hope that I can continue to achieve my potential over the next couple of years. The standard of work expected here at Sheffield University was a big step up from what was expected from me at college level, and I am glad I put in the hard work needed to adjust.

Kevin Obuya - Sir Harold West Award

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Board of Examiners in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Department of the University of Sheffield for awarding me the Sir Harold Award for academic performance and promise in my first year at the university. By this recognition you have inspired me to work even harder to achieve better results at this prestigious institution.

I will use the funds to purchase books on Electrical and Electronic Engineering to enable me to live up to the expectations of the award recipients.

I am an international student from Kenya studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and after graduation I aim to use the knowledge and skills acquired to spur technological development and communication in my country and the world at large. I also wish to develop my leadership and communication skills during my four years of study at the University of Sheffield. During my free time I practice computer programming, play chess and football.

Thank you for your generosity once again. I will work very hard and eventually give something back to society as an engineer and possibly set up a scholarship for future students like myself.

Oliver Johnson - Douglas Harrison Prize & Bramwell Prize

I am a 3rd year Electronics and Communications Engineering student from Matlock in Derbyshire and I am very grateful to have received the prize which you sponsor. As a student I have a strong interest in communications and control systems, particularly with their applications in IoT, mobile communications and in the space industry. This prize will really help me in the future when I come to look further into graduate careers. In addition to my studies, I am part of the University's Shell Eco Marathon team (Sheffield Eco Motorsports: where I am part of the Electrical Propulsion sub-team, responsible for designing and building the electrical drive system for our ultra efficient battery powered car.

Chatura Samarakoon - Mappin Medal and Premium

I am honoured and humbled to be in receipt of the Mappin medal and would like to take this opportunity to thank the departmental staff on behalf of my year group for all the support and guidance they have given us over the past 4 years.

The vibrant student community and the helpful staff at the University of Sheffield and the department of EEE in particular, provided me with a supportive, homely environment for the past 4 years, fostering a childish sense of curiosity in me and providing an intellectually stimulating study space that encouraged me to push myself to achieve higher. The numerous student-led societies and departmental activities gave me ample opportunity to apply myself outside the curriculum and develop my skills and become a well-rounded engineer. I believe that the Mappin medal stands as a testament for the drive and the work ethic, the department of EEE and its staff has managed to instill in me.

During my time in Sheffield, I have represented my cohort in the departmental staff student committee for 2 years and was also an active member on the departmental teaching committee. I was a student mentor for a group of first year EEE students and was also the departmental Student Ambassador for learning and teaching (SALT). Outside departmental activities, I have served as a committee member for two university societies, worked as an animator for the Sheffield "open online learning" project and was a founding member of the Sheffield Eco Motorsports (SEM) team.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, photography and tinkering with ideas. I plan to continue my higher studies upon the completion of my undergraduate degree.

Aleksandr Boldin - Oliver Butler Prize

It is a great honor for me to be awarded with a university prize. I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Examiners for making this decision.

Electronics has been my passion since the early years. Long before entering the University of Sheffield I have been working on various electronic projects as a hobby and continue to do this up to present day. My current areas of interest include embedded system design, switch-mode power conversion, control systems, wearable electronics, hi-fi audio and much more. Aside from electronics, I enjoy hobby-grade photography and computer programming.

Edward James Bryan - Peter Hopkinson Prize I have been studying Electronics at the University of Sheffield for five years, completing an MEng in Digital Electronics following a foundation year. I have previously completed a degree in music and have relished the opportunity to expand into a different, exciting field in electronics. The project we were working on was very interesting and novel experience and I hope the achievements we made can go on to benefit others
Tudor Andrei Mot - Richard Rhodes Prize

I decided to study Electronic Engineering when I realized that we are living in this highly digitized world, with very few of us actually understanding how it all works. Throughout my university years I have worked as an intern in the Railway Signaling Industry, at Mot MacDonald, and in the embedded software industry, at Renesas Europe. I was awarded the Douglas Harrison prize in my second year of studies and received a scholarship as part of the UKESF Scholar scheme.
I am honoured to receive the Richard Rhodes Prize, this recognition will motivate me to work hard and hopefully achieve something meaningful in my future studies. I am currently very interested in learning about the latest developments in software (AI, VR, cryptocurrencies), and hope that somewhere in the future I will find a niche that will combine my strong electronics background with the computer science knowledge I plan to attain. I would like to thank my tutor, Dr. John Rodenburg, for inspiring and advising me throughout these past two years.
In my spare time I enjoy rock climbing, playing the guitar and a bit of harmonica.

Minghua Lai - Prof. Peter Robson Semiconductor Prize in EEE I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the sponsors for setting up this award and to the assessor for recognising my hard work. I am really excited to know that I have been awarded this EEE prize and it is an honour to receive this. I spent much more time on my semiconductor project because I majored in Electrical Engineering. I might have done well but this award couldn't be received without my supervisor, Dr Ian Farrer. I would like to say thank you to him for helping me a lot on my individual project.  My dedicated hard work has finally paid off. Thank you!