Professor Tao Wang

PhD, MSc, BSc

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Professor in Advanced Opto-Electronics

Director of Centre for GaN Materials and Devices

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Professor Tao Wang
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I received my BSc degree at USTB, MSc degree at CAS and PhD degree at University of Würbzurg in Germany.

I am a professor as Chair in Advanced Opto-Electronics at the University of Sheffield. I am Director of the Sheffield Centre for GaN Materials and Devices and co-Director of the Joint Research Centre for Wide Bandgap Optoelectronics.

I started III-nitride semiconductor research at the University of Tokushima in Japan in 1997, and then worked at Nitride Semiconductor Ltd. in Tokushima as the R & D director from 2000 to 2002. I joined the University of Sheffield in 2002.

I was awarded “EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow” in 2005. I co-founded Seren Photonics Ltd., a III-nitride semiconductor company in 2009, which was awarded the “Royal Society Emerging Technology Award” in 2015.

My research interests are in the areas of III-nitride semiconductors, large lattice-mismatch epitaxial growth, epitaxial overgrowth on patterned substrates, nanophotonics, electronics, hybrid III-nitrides/organic optoelectronics, integration of photonics & electronics, solar energy devices, etc.

I am regularly involved in organising international conferences including the Chair of 16th International Symposium on the Science and Technology of Lighting in 2018.

I chaired the International Summer School on III-nitride Optoelectronics in 2012. I initiated and chaired the 1st China-UK workshop on GaN Materials and Devices in 2018.

I have ~ 450 publications including 5 book chapters, >220 journal papers and >220 conference papers/presentations. I regularly deliver key-note and invited talks at international conferences.

I hold 20 patents in the UK, USA, Japan and Europe. The research innovations are frequently highlighted in major semiconductor magazines.

I serve as an Editorial Board Member of Nature Family Journal-Scientific Reports.

I also regularly serve as a referee for a large number of journals and publishers such as Nature Photonics; Nature Nanotechnology; Nature Communications; CRC Press, Cambridge Press, etc. So far (until December 2018), I have supervised ~50 Postdoctoral Research Associates and PhD students in total.

One of my PhD students was awarded the “Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Chinese Students Abroad” in 2009.

  • PhD (Physics), University of Würzburg, Germany
  • MSc (Physics), Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • BSc (Physics), University of Science and Technology of Beijing, China
Research interests
  • Epitaxy of III-nitride Semiconductors and Devices
  • Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE)
  • Novel Nano III-nitride Photonics and Electronics
  • Epitaxial Integration of Photonics and Electronics
  • Hybrid III-nitrides/organic Optoelectronics
  • Flexible III-nitride Photonics and Electronics

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Teaching activities
  • EEE6217
  • EEE6216
Professional activities
  • Director of Centre for GaN Materials and Devices
  • Co-director of Joint Research Centre for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronics
Research students
Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Ahmed Syed Z PhD Graduated Primary
Athanasiou M PhD Graduated Primary
Benton J PhD Graduated Primary
Ghataora S PhD Graduated Primary
Gong Y PhD Graduated Primary
Jiu L PhD Graduated Primary
Lee K B PhD Graduated Secondary
Li Z PhD Graduated Primary
Poyiatzis N PhD Graduated Primary
Ranalli F PhD Graduated Primary
Renwick P PhD Graduated Primary
Shen S PhD Graduated Primary
Smith R PhD Graduated Primary
Tang H PhD Graduated Primary
Wang Q PhD Graduated Primary
Xing K PhD Graduated Primary
Wang X PhD Graduated Secondary
Xu B PhD Graduated Primary
Yu X PhD Graduated Primary
Zhang Y PhD Graduated Primary
Zhao X PhD Graduated Primary