Dr Wei Liu

CiLT, PhD, MPhil, LLB, BSc

Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Senior Lecturer

Communications Research Group

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Dr Wei Liu
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street
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I received my BSc in Space Physics (minor in Electronics) in 1996 and LLB in Intellectual Property Law in1997 from Peking University, China (practised as a trainee lawyer and then received my full lawyer's licence in 1999), MPhil from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Hong Kong, in 2001, PhD in 2003 from the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, U.K. I then worked as a postdoc first in Southampton and later in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London. In September 2005, I joined the Communications Research Group, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield as a lecturer, and then was promoted to senior lecturer in January 2015.

I received one journal “Best Paper Award” (“Approximate Gaussian Conjugacy: Parametric Recursive Filtering Under Nonlinearity, Multimodal, Uncertainty, and Constraint, and Beyond”, Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering, vol. 18, issue 12, December 2017), three conference “Best Paper" awards ("Sparse Planar Antenna Array Design for Directional Modulation", Proc. the 2019 8th International Conference on Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems (CSPS), “Improving SSVEP-BCI Performance Using Pre-Trial Normalization Methods” from the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications, and “Reduced Complexity MIMO Receiver with Real-Valued Beamforming” from the 2015 15th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology), and one conference “Excellent Paper" award (“Robust DOA Estimation for a MIMO Array Using Two Calibrated Transmit Sensors” from the 2013 IET International Radar Conference).

I am an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (2023-2024, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society).

  • CiLT (Certificate in Learning and Teaching), University of Sheffield 2008
  • PhD (Electronic Engineering), University of Southampton 2003
  • MPhil (Electronic Engineering), University of Hong Kong 2001
  • LLB (Intellectual Property Law), Peking University 1997
  • BSc (Space Physics), Peking University 1996
Research interests

My research interests cover a wide range of topics in signal processing, with a focus on sensor (antenna, hydrophone, microphone, seismometer, etc.) array signal processing (beamforming and source separation/extraction, direction of arrival estimation, target tracking and localisation, etc.), and its various applications, such as robotics and autonomous vehicles, remote sensing, human computer interface, radar, sonar, and wireless communications.



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Theses / Dissertations

  • Liu W (2003) Digital Beamforming Employing Subband Techniques. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Liu W (2001) On the Design of Multiplier-less Perfect Reconstruction Filter Banks Using Genetic Algorithm and Sum-of-powers-of-two Representation. RIS download Bibtex download

Working papers


Research group

A. Moussa: Virtual sensing for autonomous driving systems
Z. Wan: No-coherent array signal processing.
Dr S Mohammadzadeh
Dr R M Jaufer

Teaching activities
  • EEE339 Digital Engineering
  • EEE6222 Communication Principles
Professional activities and memberships

1. Professional memberships

  • Senior Member of IEEE (from 05/2010).
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy of the UK (from 04/2009).
  • Member of the UK EPSRC College of Peer Reviewers (from 10/2020).
  • Elected member (05/2015-present) of the Digital Signal Processing Technical Committee (DSPTC) of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.
  • Elected member (01/2017-present) of the Sensor Array and Multichannel Technical Committee (SAMTC) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.
  • Vice-Chair (2019-2020) and Chair (2021-2022) of the IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Technical Committee.
  • Secretary (2020-2022) and Chair (2022-2024) of the IEEE Digital Signal Processing for Circuits and Systems Technical Committee.
  • Member of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Directions Board (2021-2022) and Conferences Board (2022-2023)

2. Editorships

  • Associate editor for IEEE Trans. Signal Processing (03/2015 to 03/2019) and IEEE Access (04/2016 to 03/2021).
  • Associate editor for the Journal of The Franklin Institute (02/2021-01/2023).
  • Editorial board member for the journal Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering (01/2016 to present) and received the 2019 Distinguished Editorial Board Member Award.

3. Conference activities

  • Technical Committee Co-Chair for the track of Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing of the 2019-2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP).
  • Track Co-Chair for Digital Signal Processing of the 2021-2023 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS).
  • Chair of the IEEE Five-Minute Video Clip Contest (5-MICC) "Let There Be a Beam" at the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP2020), Barcelona, Spain, 4-8 May, 2020.
  • General Co-Chair of the 2018 IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop, Sheffield, UK.
  • Registration Chair for the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC2015), London, UK.
  • Publications Chair of the 2009 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO2009), Glasgow, UK.
  • Technical programme committee (TPC) member (or similar role, or regular/special session chair) for about 100 international conferences, such as IEEE ICASSP, IEEE ISCAS, EUSIPCO, DSP, IEEE VTC, IEEE GLOBECOME, IEEE ICC, IEEE WCNC.
Research students
Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Anbiyaei M PhD Graduated Primary
Hawes M B PhD Graduated Primary
Jiang M PhD Graduated Primary
Lin N MPhil Graduated Primary
Ma J PhD Graduated Primary
Peng B PhD Graduated Primary
Qiu B MPhil Graduated Primary
Yu L PhD Graduated Primary
Zhang L PhD Graduated Primary
Zhao Y PhD Graduated Primary