What our students say

Find out more about the experience of studying for your PhD here in the department. 

DarrenDarren Batey

I arrived in Sheffield as an undergraduate student in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering department and after completing my MEng degree I returned to the department in order to pursue a PhD in lens-less imaging.

The main funding for my PhD came through EPRSC; partly through a DTP and partly through a Basic Technology Grant. I did however obtain a three-month sponsorship from Phase Focus Ltd. towards the end of my PhD.

During my postgraduate studies, I worked within a diverse group of academics covering a variety of disciplines and a range of career levels. The research group headed a national consortium of leading UK universities tasked with the development of a pioneering microscopy technique. I learned how to present my work at meetings and was able to attend international conferences. Working closely with my PhD supervisor - a prominent and active academic, provided me with many great opportunities throughout my studies. The environment in which I was able to work at Sheffield has provided me with a great basis in academic research on which to build my future career.

I am currently preparing for a move to the Diamond Light Source (the UK’s national synchrotron facility in Oxfordshire), where I will advance my career within the x-ray imaging community. As my career continues I will build on the varied, cross-disciplinary, background gained at Sheffield in order to develop advanced imaging methods for application within a range of scientific endeavours.

I worked alongside many people during my time at Sheffield and the enthusiastic discussions that I had with many on a day-to-day basis helped to ensure that my studies where stimulating and enjoyable.

KalyaniKalyani Menon

My PhD was on Power Electronics focussing on High voltage SiC devices for power converter applications. I designed and developed a novel device concept for high voltage applications through extensive simulations and numerical evaluation. I was sponsored by Rolls Royce through their Electrical UTC (University Technology Center) at The University of Sheffield.

I work as the Electrical Systems – Integrated Project Lead in Strategic Research Center (SRC) at Rolls Royce plc, Derby. I started with Rolls Royce as a Power Electronics Technologist and have since been with the SRC working to develop various electrical technologies contributing to future RR products.

My time at Sheffield has absolutely helped me in my career. The experience I had gained through my PhD has helped me through my job since I started. Additionally, my supervisors and various other academic staff within the EEE department helped me to grow as a professional. The opportunities that I had at Sheffield have laid the foundation to my skills including technical understanding and management of both projects and people.

From a career perspective, I am looking for opportunities for challenging roles outside my comfort zone within the company. I am also working to encourage more women to join engineering since there is a lack of us here in the field.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying within the department and will encourage anyone looking for PhD opportunities or any other degrees to take up courses in Sheffield. The diversity, opportunities for learning/teaching, sports facilities... There is too much to mention here. The city is perfect for student life (I miss it and hence do visit quite often even now!) and the staff – academic and non-academic are brilliant. I also met my husband there!

ShaohongShaohong Cao

I am entering into the third year of my PhD, which is based around electron Ptychography. I am sponsored by both the University and by Phase Focus (a spin-out company of the University, based in Sheffield).

The University of Sheffield provides me with access to a comprehensive database of research literature and one of the most advanced electron microscopes in the world for my experiments.

I am currently writing up my first journal paper and intend to apply for a postdoctoral position or to move into a technical company after my PhD.

The substantial three-year research experience I am gaining here will be of great value to my future career whether in academia or in industry.

IssacIsaac Castro

My PhD aims at developing a framework to create models for medical simulations. For instance, they are used to help physicians to better understand diseases and medical conditions or to find the best treatment for specific patients.In my PhD, these models were created using some prior knowledge and information extracted from different medical image modalities.

I obtained a fantastic studentship offered by CISTIB, a research laboratory linked with the EEE department and I am currently waiting to attend my VIVA while working on project in collaboration with the Children's Hospital.

When I commenced my studies at the University of Sheffield, I lacked the researcher mind-set and I was unsure about my career direction. I was assigned a senior researcher, who guided through the process and helped me grow in the research life. The University of Sheffield also provided me with a new perspective about the medical imaging and help me to realise that I relish the challenge of teaching, through amazing programs, such as The Doctoral Skill Academy or the Nuffield placement. In the near future, I will be working in the CISTIB lab as a research associate and I am planning to apply to a fellowship.