The University of Sheffield Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department is a partner in the 33.3M€ POLLUX project that commenced on the 1st March 2010. The POLLUX project considers both vertical integration and horizontal cooperation between OEMs, hardware/software/silicon providers to build a solid, embedded-systems European industry while establishing standard designs and distributed real-time embedded-systems platforms for electric vehicles.

POLLUX will develop a distributed real time ES platform for next generation electric vehicles, by using a component and programming-based design methodology. Reference designs and ES architectures for high efficiency innovative mechatronics systems will be addressed, focussing on composability, networking, security, robustness, diagnosis, maintenance, integrated resource management, evolvability and self-organization.

A well structured electrical architecture and design methodology for the 2nd generation energy efficient electrical vehicles.

Today's vehicle's bottleneck:

More than 50 ECUs embedded in the body, doors, dash, roof, trunk, seats, and the embedded units are executing tens of million of lines of software code.

  • The costs of code maintenance exceeds 1 Billion $
  • The costs of risks exceeds 1 Billion $
  • The costs of code transformation exceeds 1 Billion $
  • The costs of quality losses exceeds 1 Billion $

And the loss of efficiency is not yet counted ...

POLLUX is synergetic with the ENIAC E3Car project which will develop nanoelectronics technologies, devices, circuits, and modules for EVs in preparation for the launch of a massive European EV market by 2015-2020.


ARTEMIS Industry Association (ARTEMIS-IA) was founded in January 2007 by Daimler, Nokia, Philips, STMicroelectronics, and Thales to support the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (ARTEMIS-JU) and to continue the work of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform. The ARTEMIS JU programme is the first of its kind to bring private-sector research actors together with the European Commission and a large number of contributing Member States.

see the organogram ARTEMISIA & ARTEMIS