AISG Overview

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The Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG) was established to create an open specification for the control interface of 3G antenna line products. The group currently comprises almost 50 full members and 7 associate members, representing manufacturers, OEMs and Network Operators.

It is the first global forum for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) antenna line equipment manufacturers, with The University of Sheffield being the only academic member.

The AISG protocol is designed to provide the means by which antenna line products with remote control and monitoring capabilities can be introduced while ensuring the basic interoperability between these products and the control infrastructure. This protocol uses a 3-layered model comprising a physical layer, a data link layer and an application layer. It is currently defined for two types of Antenna Line Devices: Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) Antennas and Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), although it can be extended to other types of devices.