Our research centres around the modeling and design of antennas, antenna arrays and beamforming, meta-materials, frequency selective surfaces, radomes and smart surfaces, and the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Some of our current projects include:

Textile antennas

Miniaturised periodic structures

Miniature Antennas

Elastic Antennas

This EPSRC funded project is in collaboration with the Cambridge University. The aim is to develop a range of microwave components on elastic substrates for flexible electronics and medical applications.

Reconfigurable antennas

Tunable metamaterials

Simulation of electromagnetic field exposure in resonant environments (SEFERE)

Stealth Technology for Wind Turbines

Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structures

Hidden Antennas on Vehicles

Base station antennas for next generation mobile communication networks

Low Profile Street Furniture

Phase modulating microwave structures

Smart microwave materials and structures

Biological effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Cellular Phones and PMR apparatus

Robust Watermarking for Scalable Coded Video Streaming

Segmentation of Vascular Networks from X-ray Angiograms

Feature Extraction by Multiobjective Genetic Programming