Textile Antennas

Recently, there has much interest in body worn communication systems and consequently textile antennas. Such antennas can be easily integrated into clothing.

Integrating the textile antenna with a high impedance surface results in reduced back radiation and makes the antenna tolerant to positioning on the body. However, under an on-body environment it is difficult to keep the EBG antenna in a flat condition especially for elements made of textile materials. It is therefore necessary to evaluate an antenna´s performance under bending and crumpling conditions.

Previous research has mainly concentrated on the measurement of wearable antenna bending effects and our work investigates the effects of 2 dimensional crumpling for a dual-band coplanar textile antenna integrated over an artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) covering the 2.45 GHz and the 5.8 GHz wireless networking bands.

Fig. 1: Geometry of the crumpled dual-band AMC antenna

Fig.2 Radiation patterns at 5.8GHz – flat and crumpled