The David Howe Prize 2018: Winner Announced

Picture of Lap Fong receiving the David Howe Prize 2018 from Professor Geraint JewellWe are very pleased to announce that Mr Lap Fong has won The David Howe Prize in Electronic and Electrical Engineering for 2018.

The prize is awarded for the best overall performance by a student completing the MSc in Advanced Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives (AMPERE) in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Lap said he was "over the moon" at being awarded the prize.

He went on to say, "After years of work I decided to take a career break and return to university for further knowledge. I broadened my horizons on the AMPERE programme with the help of amazing lecturers and tutors.

"The programme also allowed me to meet talented friends from multiple nationalities. The experiences and friendships made my time in Sheffield truly memorable."

The David Howe Prize was established in 2015 through the generosity of Ningbo Songke Magnetic Materials Co Ltd in memory of Professor David Howe, Professor of Electrical Engineering.