Research Market Sectors and Example Applications


  • High torque/power and efficient electrical machines
  • Rare-earth material-free electrical machines
  • High-efficient propulsion systems
  • Integrated propulsion and battery charging
  • ICE vehicles
  • Electromechanical valve actuation
  • Air valve actuation
  • Exhaust gas energy recovery
  • Electrical torque booster for down-sized engine
  • Free-piston energy converter
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Mild hybrid/integrated starter-alternator system
  • Model predictive control applied to energy management
  • 36V VRLA battery module (based on 2V spiral-wound cells)
  • Installation and safety optimised battery for 42V application
  • Integrated modular drive for parallel hybrid vehicle
  • Electric vehicles
  • Intelligent State-of-Charge and State-of-Health battery monitoring
  • Zero-emissions down-sized vehicle
  • Auxiliary power unit
  • Flywheel peak power buffer
  • Supercapacitor peak power buffer
  • Anti-lock braking/traction control
  • Electric vehicles for media/leisure events
  • Embedded-systems for electric vehicles
  • Linear electromagnetic actuation system for active vehicle suspension
  • Others


  • Induction heating
  • Pulsed field magneto-polariscope
  • Sensorless high-speed brushless DC motors
  • Direct force control of a novel two-phase tubular motor
  • Acoustic emissions from induction, switched reluctance and permanent magnet machines and drives
  • EMC, measurements and modelling of power electronics/drive systems
  • Silicon carbide power electronic devices

Renewable Energy

  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Solar energy
  • Novel direct drive permanent magnet generators
  • Novel converter topologies and controls
  • Active and reactive power control
  • Direct power control
  • Interference between grid and machines
  • Influence of grid unbalance and machine/converter unbalance
  • Fault detection and condition monitoring, including temperature rise and rotor eccentricity
  • Manufacture tolerance and operating tolerance
  • Torque ripple reduction
  • Acoustic noise and vibration
  • CAD and system modelling


  • Electrohydrostatic flight control surface actuation
  • Electromechanical flight control surface actuation
  • "More electric" aircraft engines
  • Fault tolerant machines and drives


  • Sensorless control of matrix converters for thrusters on deep-sea ROVs
  • High speed permanent magnet generator

Consumer Products and Domestic Appliances