UK Magnetics Society - Electromagnetic Losses in Electrical Machines

The UK Magnetics Society Seminar is back to Sheffield again!

The UK Magnetics Society seminar on “Electromagnetic Losses in Electrical Machines” was held at Mappin Hall, Sir Frederick Mappin Building, University of Sheffield, on 8 November, 2011.

As designers search for ever-increasing efficiency and carbon-footprint-saving reductions in losses, the question of the power losses due to the electromagnetic fields in electrical machines is becoming an important topic. Established methods, good for sinusoidal excitation conditions and the fundamental-frequency component of fields, are increasingly inappropriate for modern machines. It is also becoming important to evaluate accurately the losses in rotor cans and permanent magnets, not only from an efficiency point of view, but also because of the implications for component temperatures and the provision of cooling. The meeting look at losses in copper, iron, magnets and structural components. Ways of calculating these effects are discussed, as well as ways of validating the calculations through measurement. This aspect covers measurement of material properties for input to the calculations and of device performance for checking their predictions. Another theme of the day is what can be done about the problem through design and materials selection.

The seminar was attended by >80 people, most from industries.


Chairman: Dr Kais Atallah, Dept of Elec & Elec Engineering, University of Sheffield

1000 Eddy Current Losses in the Permanent Magnets of Wind Turbine Generators
Professor Jiabin Wang, Dept of Elec Eng, University of Sheffield
1030 Electromagnetic Losses in Magnetically Geared Brushless Permanent Magnet Machines
Dr David Powell, Magnomatics Ltd
1100 Measurement and Prediction of Iron Loss under Complex Magnetisation Waveforms
Dr Phil Anderson, Wolfson Centre for Magnetics, Cardiff University
1130 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Design Optimisation to Minimise Overall Losses
Puvaneswaran Arumugam, Dept of Elec & Elec Eng, University of Nottingham
1200 LUNCH
1345 A New Ni-Fe Alloy for Low Loss Motors and Generators
Dr Johannes Tenbrink, Vacuumschemze GmbH, Germany
1415 True Specific Losses in Soft Magnetic Materials of Electrical Machines
Dr Pawel Hanczewski, Cummins Generator Technologies
1445 Enhanced Method for Iron Loss Calculation at Various Frequencies
Grégoire Vienne, ALSTOM Switzerland Ltd, Switzerland
1515 Modelling and Measurement of Core Losses in Synchronous Machines
Paavo Rasilo, Aalto University, Dept of Elec Engineering, Finland