Electrical Machines and Drives Group Research Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor
AA Allu Modular multilevel converter as an interface for the integration of renewable power to the grid Dr Milijana Odavic
HH Alnuman Electrical hybrid energy storage for integrated energy applications Dr Daniel Gladwin
S Alotaibi Modular multilevel power converter with hybrid submodule topologies Dr Milijana Odavic
SJD Alshammari Novel electrical machines, for electric and hybrid vehicle drive-trains Professor Kais Atallah
RYA Alsharif Interaction of power electronics interfaced renewable energy sources and loads in DC microgrids Dr Milijana Odavic
F Alvarez Gonzalez Advanced fault detection in permanent magnet synchronous machines Dr Antonio Griffo
MAM Alwash Advanced power microelectronics Professor Shankar Madathil
TM Alzahrani Stability issues in power electronics based emerging electrical power systems Dr Milijana Odavic
PJ Bloore The simulation of HEV battery performance and lifetime within a whole vehicle simulation system Professor David Stone
K Buhagiar Permanent Magnet machines for electric power steering Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
F Burak Advanced control of grid integration systems for wind power generators Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
S Cai Investigation of novel permanent magnet machines for EV applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
P Chmelicek Pseudo direct drive machines Professor Kais Atallah
RS Constantin Novel permanent magnet generators for wind power applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
G Cooke Magnetically geared electrical drives Professor Kais Atallah
S Dai Fault-tolerant electric drives for safety critical applications Professor Jiabin Wang
EL Demissie Investigation of noise and vibration in wind power permanent magnet generators Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
JC Dexter Multi-physics modelling of traction electric drives Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
X Dong Advanced control of electrical drives Dr Antonio Griffo
R Dragan Magnetically geared electrical drives for industrial applications Professor Kais Atallah
A Elmajdub Control of magnetically geared electrical machines Dr Milijana Odavic
L Farias Martins High efficiency resonant bi-directional inverter for EV charging Professor David Stone
J Gong Novel electrical machines for aircraft engine generator application Professor Geraint Jewell
T Gundogdu Novel induction machines for electric vehicle applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
I Gunsal Energy storage and its application Professor David Stone
HT Harrison Energy management and power flows in Network connected energy storage systems Dr James Green
R Hu Equipment Health Management - Diagnostics and prognostics for electrical integrated power systems Professor Jiabin Wang
L Huang Novel permanent magnet and magnetless electrical machines Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
B Jiang High power density permanent magnet machines for next-generation aircraft engines Professor Geraint Jewell
MFH Khatab Novel axial-field permanent magnet machines Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
B Lan Switched reluctance machine and drive optimisation for high temperature operation in hybrid electric vehicle applications Dr James Green
H Li Investigation of novel permanent magnet machines for automotive application Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
Y Li Investigation of novel permanent magnet machines for wind power application Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
Y Liu Novel permanent magnet machines Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
Yang Liu Advanced electric drives for electric vehicle traction Professor Jiabin Wang
Z Liu Fault-tolerant electric drives for safety critical applications Professor Jiabin Wang
P Luo Advanced Power Microelectronics Professor Shankar Madathil
J Ma Novel permanent magnet and rare-earth-free machines Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
X Ma TBC Dr Guang-Jin Li
H Mahmoud Novel high speed electromagnetic propulsion devices and their applications Dr Milijana Odavic
S Mallampalli Satsai Development of high efficiency induction Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
B Mantar Gundogdu Power system analysis for large scale battery management Dr Daniel Gladwin
J Maravi Nieto Novel electrical machines for critical environment applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
KB Nam Advanced power devices using vertical super-junction concepts in gallium nitride Professor Shankar Madathil
N Nesterov Active stabilisation of power electronics dominated future microgrids Dr Milijana Odavic
C Nie Self-bearing permanent magnet machines Professor Geraint Jewell
Q Pan Novel approaches to torque modulation of spindle drives for enhanced machining capability Professor Geraint Jewell
A Petersen Pack level modelling of Li based batteries in grid support applications Professor David Stone
B Ren Design of novel permanent magnet machines for renewable energy application Dr Guang-Jin Li
S Royston The effects of grid connected energy storage Professor David Stone
AKA Shanshal High performance and low cost permanent magnet devices Professor Kais Atallah
Y Shi Permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance machines for applications in electric vehicles Professor Jiabin Wang
MJ Smith Power electronics for energy storage and conversion Dr Daniel Gladwin
E Stone High speed synchronous reluctance machines for automotive applications Professor Geraint Jewell
Q Tan Advanced Power Microelectronics Professor Shankar Madathil
P Taras Fault modelling, detection and remedial strategy employment of single or hybrid excited switched flux permanent magnet machines for electrical vehicle application Dr Guang-Jin Li
I Tsyokhla Diagnostic and prognostic techniques for high availability drives Professor Jiabin Wang
IM Urquhart Investigation and design consideration of IPM Machines to reduce noise and vibration for mass production motors whilst maintaining torque density and efficiency Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
DB Vail High voltage power supply design/analysis Professor David Stone
FS Vellacott Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and Its Applications Dr Daniel Gladwin
Y Wan TBC Professor Geraint Jewell
B Wang High availability motor drives Professor Jiabin Wang
C Wang Control of novel electrical machines and drives Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
L Wang Control of novel high speed permanent magnet motor drives Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
Y Wang Modelling and analysis of novel permanent magnet and reluctance machines Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
Z Wang Advanced Power Microelectronics Professor Shankar Madathil
M Watson Advancing mechatronic design for intelligent appliances Dr Daniel Gladwin
X Wu Control of novel electrical drives Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
S Xiao Electro-thermal modelling of permanent magnet synchronous machines Dr Antonio Griffo
S Xue Investigation of losses in electrical machines for traction applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
H Yan Advanced Power Microelectronics Professor Shankar Madathil
H Yang Development of novel stator permanent magnet machine Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
G Yiannakou Internal polishing of safety-critical structures as deposited by Additive Manufacturing Professor Geraint Jewell
A Yu Optimisation of electromagnetic performance of high-speed permanent magnet machines Professor Geraint Jewell
H Zhang Optimisation of energy consumption in domestic properties including V2G, PV generation and localised storage Professor David Stone
K Zhang Advanced control for novel doubly salient synchronous reluctance machines for aerospace applications Dr Guang-Jin Li
Y Zhang Investigation of novel modular electrical machines for automotive applications Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
R Zhao Double resonant high frequency matrix converter for electric vehicle charger Dr Daniel Gladwin
J Zheng Advanced control of electrical drives Dr Antonio Griffo
M Zheng Novel permanent magnet brushless machines for electric vehicle application Professor Zi-Qiang Zhu
R Zhou Novel axial-field hybrid excited permanent magnet machines for low CO2 emission transport Dr Guang-Jin Li