montage of imaging picturesThe Computational Optics and Vision Engineering Research Theme

 The Computational Optics and Vision Engineering Research Theme brings together academics within different Groups in the Department who share an interest in imaging technology, microscopy, image and video processing, computer vision, information processing/analysis (including high-level image analysis and understanding, and machine learning) and inverse problems related to image and diffraction data.

The applications of our work are diverse: ultra-high resolution electron microscopy and electron diffractive imaging; novel methods for 3D semiconductor lithography; X-ray and optical lensless imaging (ptychography); biomedical imaging; image data compression and image restoration/enhancement; object and scene recognition, human activity analysis, industrial inspection problems; and time-domain signals.

The computational methods we employ – data compression, compressive sensing, wavelet transforms, dictionary learning, pattern classification, high-level image processing, Fourier methods, phase-retrieval, advanced optimisation and inverse methods – are common to many of our interests.

Research areas and people:

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