Focused Ion Beam facility

Focused Ion Beam

The University of Sheffield Engineering Faculty's FOCUSED ION BEAM is an advanced nanofabrication facility for the Departments of Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Engineering Materials.

The facility is located in the basement of the Sir Frederick Mappin Building, only a short walk away from the University's Sorby Centre for Electron Microscopy.

Commissioned in the summer of 2004, the microscope is 'state of the art' with many novel accessories, making it a desirable research tool at the national level. The facility is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for studies conducted not only by researchers in the University of Sheffield, but also by microscopists and scientific workers from other institutions.

Visiting researchers and the microscope facilities are supported by resident scientific and technical staff.



The JEOL 'Fabrika' is based upon a JEOL 6500F SEM with an Orsay Physics Ga+ ion column attached.

The 6500F SEM forms an electron spot at the 1nm resolution level.

Orsay Physics Ion column

USEFIB Ion Column

The Orsay Physics Ion column will produce a Ga+ ion probe down to the 7nm resolution level.

Facilities are available to introduce reactive gases for:

  1. Pt metal deposition
  2. W metal deposition
  3. SiO2 deposition
  4. Cl2 enhanced etching
  5. F2 enhanced etching

Complex patterns can be generated by the instument, where necessary, supported by a Raith pattern generator running Elphy Quantum software