Academic Staff
Dr Thomas Walther Reader in Microscopy of Semiconductor Materials; Facility Director
Professor John Rodenburg Professor of Semiconductor Materials & Devices
Dr Andrew Maiden Lecturer
Dr Ian M Ross Experimental Officer
Research Staff and Students Research Theme or Thesis
Mr Veerendra C Angadi Hyperspectral data analysis and image processing
Ms Shaohong Cao
Mr Peng Li
Ms Wei Li Characterisation of broad spectrum GaAs based quantum dot lasers for advanced optical imaging
Mr Xiaoyi Wang Characterization of quantum wires and quantum dots based on the semiconductor alloy InGaN
Emeritus Academic Staff
Professor Tony Cullis
Affiliated Academic Staff
Professor Richard Hogg
Professor Mark Hopkinson
Professor Beverley Inkson
Dr Gunter Moebus
Professor Mark Rainforth
Professor Ian M Reaney
Professor Tao Wang
Affiliated Research Staff
Dr Jie Bai
Dr David J Norris (Visitor)
Dr Joanne Sharp
Dr Peng Zeng
Dr Hairuo Zhang
Previous Staff Research Theme or Thesis
Dr Leonardo Lari  Development of a TEM specimen holder cathode luminescence spectroscopy
Dr Crispin Hetherington EPSRC - FEGTEM
Dr Mohammed Al-Khafaji EPSRC - FEGTEM
Previous Research Students Research Theme or Thesis
Houari Amari Characterization of AlGaN and InGaN thin films and quantum wells by analytical transmission electron microscopy (2011)
Darren Batey Ptychographic imaging of mixed states (Sep 2014)
Alessandro Benedetti A TEM study of strained SiGe/Si and related heteroepitaxial structures (2002)
Andrew Chang Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies in Si/SiGe MOSFET device structures (2006)
Mike Fay Advanced electron microscopy of wide band-gap semiconductor materials (2001)
Wen Chang Hung Applications of a high resolution focused ion beam system (2010)
Maria Lada Studies of the growth and structure of epitaxial GaN (2004)
San Lin Liew Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies in Si/SiGe quantum cascade emitters and InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots (2006)
Isaac J Luxmoore Micro-electronic device fabrication using advanced focused ion beam and related techniques (2008)
Hira Meidia Nanoscale study of multilayer structures by FEGTEM analysis (2002)
Meilyr C. Parri New methods of quantifying X-ray spectra in a transmission electron microscope (Sep. 2014)
Yang Qui Study of III-V semiconductor quantum dot nanostructures by transmission electron microscopy (2011)
Chun Maw Tey Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies of III-V semiconductor nanostructures (2006)
Te-Sheng Wang Advanced transmission electron microscopy studies in low-energy ion implanted Si. (2003)
Haoyu Zhang Application of focused ion beam for micro-machining and controlled quantum dot formation on patterned GaAs substrate (Dec. 2013)