Kroto Centre for High Resolution Imaging and Analysis

electron microscope montage

The Kroto Centre for High Resolution Imaging and Analysis is an advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) facility set up to conduct research at the forefront of world-leading resolution. The centre houses the JEOL Z3100R05 “R005” 80-300kV transmission electron microscope equipped with two aberration correctors (for ultra-high resolution) and a cold field-emission gun (for brighter illumination and improved energy resolution).

Sir Harry Kroto

This instrument is currently unique within the UK and provides a spatial resolution approaching 0.05nm (0.5Å) for materials analysis as well as single atom imaging and spectroscopy capability.

The centre was formally opened by the Nobel Laureate, Prof. Sir Harry Kroto in June 2010 after which the instrument has undergone a number of modifications to establish its full specification.

The facility forms part of the Faculty of Engineering electron microscopy resources and is complemented by a fully analytical JEOL 2010F FEG-(S)TEM and a JEOL 6500F Fabrika dual beam FIB/FEG-SEM.

Key Features of the JEOL R005:

  • 300kV c-FEG produces high brightness ultra fine electron probe with improved energy resolution (0.35eV) and current densities
  • can be configured for 200kV and 80kV operation
  • probe (STEM) and Imaging (TEM) aberration correctors (JEOL) providing sub-Å resolution
  • fully dry vacuum system , with gun vacuum of ~10-9 Pa
  • EDXS X-ray chemical analysis (JEOL)
  • EELS and EFTEM via post-column spectrometer (Gatan Tridium GIF)
  • remote operation control room to ensure ultra-stable microscope environment
  • multiple camera options including bespoke CMOS based camera with selectable fast pixel readout, and second 2kx2k CCD camera

JEOL R005 Instrument Details