Research Projects

A Study of Si/SiGe n-MOSFET Processed and Unprocessed Channel Layers Using FIB and TEM Methods

On the structure and oxidation mechanisms in nanoscale hard coatings

High Resolution Studies of Layers and Interfaces

Low Energy Ion Implants in Si

Strain Measurements in ULSI Devices

Studies of SiGe/Si HMOS Transistors

Studies of Nanostructured Materials

Focused Ion Beam Micro-Milling of GaN Photonic Devices with Gas Enhanced Etching Techniques

Semiconductor Micro-pillar fabrication via Focused Ion Beam

The Application of FIB to the Analysis and Nano-Fabrication of Novel Semiconductor Devices

Failure analysis studies in pseudomorphic SiGe channel p-MOSFET devices

High Speed Cutting of Ti Alloys

Quantification of Surface Structure Developed During Wear and Thermomechanical Processing

Enhanced Superconducting Transition Temperature in Focused Ion Beam Deposited Nano-wires