Advanced Detector Centre

The Advanced Detector Centre provides solutions for photon detection through development focused projects. We aim to increase industry funding, build new links with industry and external organisations and enhance the alignment of research at Sheffield with industrial needs by translating fundamental research into prototypes and instrumentations.

Close up photograph of a cryogenic probe station used by the SMD Group

Academic Team

Member Role Email
Prof. Chee Hing Tan Director
High speed and low noise avalanche photodiodes lead
Prof. John David Infrared technology lead
Dr. Jo Shien Ng X-ray and single photon detection
Dr. Jon Willmott Optics and Instrumentation

If you would like more information about the Advanced Detector Centre please contact one of the academic team members listed above.

Project Overview



  • Electrical characterisation
  • Optical characterisation
  • Avalance characterisation
  • Photolithography mask design
  • Device prototype
  • Detector's analogue circuit design
  • Optics design
  • Device fabrication process development

Advanced Detector Centre TRL


Current activities

  • Detector technology review and feasibility study
  • Detector design, growth, fabrication and characterisation
  • Packaging of prototype devices
  • Supply chain mapping

Current activities

  • Integration with low noise amplifier
  • Optical system design
  • Design and fabrication of Linear and small 2D arrrays
  • Amplifier and conditioning circuit

Planned activities

  • Integration with commercial readout ICs
  • Design of readout ICs
  • Full detection system prototyping

Widening project scope


Completed Projects

Date Sponsor Title
March 2015 - Sept 2015 UK Space Agency (RP10G0348B02) Infrared sensing above 10μm using Type II Superlattice Photodetectors
Jan 2015 - Sept 2015 IIKE and LAND Instruments Ratio detectors incorporating on-chip temperature monitoring
Feb 2015 - Jul 2018 H2020: Marie Curie ITN PROMIS 
Jan 13 - Jan 15 European Space Agency (4000107110) InAs APD development for NIR and SWIR applications 
May13 - May15 TSB-KTP (KTP009051) Novel multi-colour radiation thermometry
Apr13 – Oct16 EPSRC(EP/K001469/1) Next generation avalanche photodiodes: realising new potentials using nm wide avalanche regions
Nov12 – Oct 15 EPSRC CASE with LAND Instruments International Ltd. High sensitivity, multispectral InAsNSb based infrared detectors for thermal imaging and non-contact temperature measurement.
Sep 12 - Aug 15 EPSRC (EP/J015814/1) InAsNSb Dilute Nitride Materials for Mid-infrared Devices & Applications.
Aug 12 – Feb 16 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTLX1000064084) Novel lateral cascaded InAs avalanche photodiodes for infrared sensing: Towards a true solid state photomultiplier
Aug 10 – Apr 14 EPSRC (EP/H031464/1) Ultra high detectivity single carrier multiplication InAs avalanche photodiodes for IR optical detection.
May 07 – Sep 10 TSB Superconducting Systems
Apr 09 - Sept 10 UK Ministry of Defence
Detectors for Infrared Algorithmic Spectrometer
Apr 07 - Apr 09 UK Ministry of Defence
Novel low voltage InAs avalanche photodiodes for affordable 2D IR photodetectors
Apr 06 - Mar 07 UK Ministry of Defence
Novel low voltage InAs avalanche photodiode
Jul 06 - Jun 10 (w ext.) EPSRC(EP/D064759/1) Novel InGaAs/InAlAs travelling-wave avalanche photodiode for ultra high speed photonic applications
Nov 07 – Oct 08 UK Ministry of Defence
Competition of Ideas
2 Band Quantum Dot Infrared Photodiodes for Mid- and Long-Wave Infrared Scene Sensing
Oct 04 - Sep 07 Bookham (now Oclaro) CASE studentship: InAlAs avalanche photodiodes

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