Semiconductor Group Research Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor
A Ahmed Khozim Advanced semiconductor devices for biomedical imaging Professor Richard Hogg
NE Alhazmi Development of photodiodes for continuous wave terahertz generation Professor Richard Hogg
S Ali Sobhani Advanced Semiconductor Amplifiers Professor Richard Hogg
M Athanasiou Optical investigation and fabrication of GaN-based optoelectronics with high performance, grown through in-situ Monitoring of Semiconductor Substrate Curvature and Temperature Professor Tao Wang
KM Atkinson Lens assisted diffractive imaging Professor John Rodenburg
SMA Auckloo Noise measurement instrumentation for APDs Professor Richard Tozer
ANAP Baharuddin Bismuth containing alloys for Multi-Junction Solar Cells Professor John David
D Batey Development of Lenses Imaging Professor John Rodenburg
S Cao Electron Ptychography Professor John Rodenburg
S Chen Quantum dot superluminesent diodes for optical coherence tomogoraphy applications. The student will investigate new methods to fabricate high power broadband sources and study the physical characteristics of such devices Professor Richard Hogg
JS Cheong Development of bismides for solar cells Professor John David
AJ Crombie Modelling and Simulation of Photonic Crystal Lasers Professor Richard Hogg
SJ Dimler Single photon avalanche photodiodes Professor Richard Tozer
OMS Ghazal Ga-As photonic integration and advanced optulation devices Dr Kris Groom
GR Goldberg Photon counting experimental setup Dr Jo Shien Ng
F Gonzalez Guzman Fabrication and characterization of  III-nitride Emitters with ultra energy efficiency Professor Tao Wang
AJV Griffiths Epitaxy on Si substrates using MBE for high speed successors to CMOS Professor Peter Houston
MJ Hobbs quantum dot infrared detectors Dr Chee Hing Tan
Q Hong Self-Organising Network (SON) in Heterogeneous LTE-Advanced (and beyond) Access Networks Professor John David
KJP Jacobs Advanced semiconductor lasers Professor Richard Hogg
Q Jiang Optical broadband source development Professor Richard Hogg
S Jiang Electron microscope study of indium gallium nitride based quantum wires and quantum dots and electrical contacts thereto Professor Peter Houston
X Jin Growth Fabrication and charcterisation of broadband semiconductor amplifiers Professor Richard Hogg
P Li Advanced methods in ptychographic microscopy Professor John Rodenburg
W Li Processing and characterisation of advanced opto-electronic devices Dr Ian Ross
AN Majeed Advanced semiconductor lasers Professor Richard Hogg
D Mathew Coulomb Scattering in future CMOS gate stacks Professor Merlyne De Souza
DF Mendes Novel semiconductor materials for multi-junction solar cells Professor John David
X Meng Development and modelling of extremely low noise avalanche photodiodes Dr Jo Shien Ng
MA Moreno Guerrero Low noise APDs for LIDAR applications Dr Chee Hing Tan
MC Parri New methods for quantifying X-ray spectra in a atransmission electron microscope Dr Thomas Walther
N Peyvast Advanced semiconductor tuneable lasers Professor Richard Hogg
H Qian Development of novel energy efficient vertical Field Effect Devices in GaN-related materials for power switching applications Professor Peter Houston
L Qiao A Novel Circuit for Characterising Avalanche Photodiode Excess Noise Professor John David
M Rasheduzzaman Materials, Devices and Technologies for Amplifier design Professor Merlyne De Souza
PJ Renwick Fabrication and Characterisation of Nitride quantum Dot Based Optical Devices Professor Tao Wang
T Roberts MOVPE of Quantum Dot Materials and Devices. Professor Richard Hogg
L Shepherd GaAs Based Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers Professor Richard Hogg
R Singh Detectors for free space optical wireless communication systems Professor John David
A Spiliopoulos Design and Modelling of an autonomous wireless sensor system in 3D Professor Merlyne De Souza
N Subramani Large Signal Modelling and Reliability of RF Power amplifiers. Professor Merlyne De Souza
A Taghi Khani Reliability of modelling of ultra thin dielectrics Dr Thomas Walther
H Tang Study of III-nitride semiconductor based optical device as a solid-state lighting source for general illumination Professor Tao Wang
RJE Taylor Photonic crystal surface emitting lasers Professor Richard Hogg
BS White Novel lateral cascaded InAs avalanche photodiodes for infrared sensing: Towards a true solid state photomultiplier. Dr Chee Hing Tan
DM Williams Photonic crystal lasers Professor Richard Hogg
K Xing Study of III-nitride semiconductor based white emitters for general illumination Professor Tao Wang
B Xu Study on III-nitride optoelectronic devices Professor Tao Wang
X Yu Characterisation and MOCVD growth of non-polar III-nitrides Professor Tao Wang
S Zaidi GaN-based HFETs for High Speed Applications Professor Peter Houston
A Zaitcev Analysis and Localisation of EEG Signals for Brain Activity Identification Professor John David
Q Zeng Fabrication and characterization of semi-polar III-nitride optoelectronic devices Professor Tao Wang
H Zhang Focused ion beam fabrication of micro-and nanoscale structures investigated by em Dr Thomas Walther
Y Zhang Optical investigation of  non-polar and semipolar III-nitride quantum structures Professor Tao Wang
Z Zhou Optimisation of GaAsBi based semiconductors Professor John David
K Zhou Broadband QD devices Professor Richard Hogg
X Zhou High performance narrow bandgap semiconductor avalanche photodiode Dr Chee Hing Tan