Forthcoming Research Seminars

All Staff and Students are Welcome
E132, Sir Frederick Mappin Building, unless stated.

Thursday 7 June - 2pm -'Almost Painless Publishing'

Dr Olivia Roche
IOP Publishing

This presentation will provide an introduction to the peer review process used by IOP Publishing. It is aimed at students and post docs very early in their research careers who may have submitted one or two papers for publication and who have little or no experience of refereeing papers themselves. It will be divided into three parts: (a) introduction to the peer-review process and ethical issues; (b) authoring: choosing a journal, preparing a manuscript, the refereeing process, proofs; (c) refereeing: preparing and writing a report. IOP introductory guides to authors and referees will be available after the presentation. The aim is to help young researchers feel more confident about preparing a manuscript for peer review and about volunteering to referee manuscripts and thereby contributing to the peer-review process.

About the presenter:
Dr Olivia Roche obtained a degree in physics and applied mathematics from University College Cork, Ireland before doing a DPhil in condensed matter physics at the University of Oxford. She left academia after her PhD and moved to IOP Publishing. She has worked for IOP for three years and is publisher of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. She led the IOP project to produce an introductory guide to refereeing for students and early-career researchers.