Dr Greg Cook

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Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25838

ORCID: 0000-0002-6212-0628


  • PhD

Research Activities

  • Computational electromagnetics; integral (e.g. Method of Moments) and differential (e.g. Finite Difference Time Domain) solutions to Maxwell’s Equations
  • Analysis and design of novel antennas embedded in multi-layered substrates
  • Spiral antennas
  • Superconducting and superdirective antennas
  • Microwave antenna holography and measurement
  • Antenna design for mobile communications
  • Health issues related to mobile ohones
  • Effects of RF electromagnetic fields on biological systems
  • TEM cell design and related RF dosimetry
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of nerve impulses
  • Antenna design for magnetic resonance scanners


  • Senior Lecturer in Electromagnetics

Research Group: Communications


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Research Students

Student Degree Status Primary/Secondary
Andrews EF PhD Graduated Primary
Anwar SM PhD Graduated Primary
Fu Y PhD Graduated Primary
Lim HB PhD Graduated Primary
Liu W PhD Graduated Primary
Starke PL PhD Graduated Primary
Zaitcev A PhD Graduated Primary
Chow LS PhD Graduated Primary
Salman M PhD Graduated Secondary
Whittow WG PhD Graduated Secondary
Wu J PhD Graduated Secondary