Dr Tim Good

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  • CEng, MIET
  • PhD, University of Sheffield 2007
  • BEng Electronic Engineering (Computing), University of Sheffield 1991

Research Activities

  • Medical device electronics
  • Cryptologic hardware
  • Embedded software, FPGA & ASIC


  • University teacher & research associate
  • EEE232 HDL-based design & programmable logic
  • EEE6225 System Design

Research Group: Communications


I received a BEng degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 1991. Following many years in industry I returned to this university to study for a PhD which was awarded in 2007. I joined the medical physics department of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT and have developed a number of electronic medical devices. Some years later, I returned to the University of Sheffield to continue this research theme together with a number of teaching duties.

My research has included very low power cryptographic hardware implementations of the Advanced Encryption Standard, comparison of stream cipher candidate ciphers hardware performance, 64-channel functional electrical nerve stimulator with autonomous setup for correcting drop-foot, electrical impedance spectroscopy probes for tissue analysis and development of a tele-health system to support type-1 diabetes.