Dr Greg CookDr Greg Cook

Senior Lecturer in Electromagnetics

email : g.cook@sheffield.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5838

Ph.D, CEng, MIEE

Research Interests

  • Computational electromagnetics; integral (e.g. Method of Moments) and differential (e.g. Finite Difference Time Domain) solutions to Maxwell’s Equations
  • Analysis and design of novel antennas embedded in multi-layered substrates
  • Spiral antennas
  • Superconducting and superdirective antennas
  • Microwave antenna holography and measurement
  • Antenna design for mobile communications
  • Health issues related to mobile phones¹
  • Effects of RF electromagnetic fields on biological systems¹
  • TEM cell design and related RF dosimetry¹
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of nerve impulses¹
  • Antenna design for magnetic resonance scanners¹

¹Activities carried out by medical / engineering interdisciplinary research group EMIT (Electro-Magnetic Interactions with Tissue)

Recent Research Projects

  • Design of a printed spiral antenna with a dielectric superstrate using an efficient curved segment moment method with optimisation using marginal distributions (US Govt. ONR grant)
  • Design of a multiple layer multi-band printed patch antenna for cellular deployment using an efficient MoM code and a marginal distribution optimisation technique (Vodafone funded PhD)
  • An efficient method for attaching thin wire monopoles to surfaces modelled using triangular patch segmentation (EPSRC PhD)
  • Effect of 900MHz electromagnetic fields on non-thermal induction of heat shock proteins in human leukocytes (MRC grant / PhD scholarship)
  • Dosimetric SAR analysis of TEM cell for the exposure of stem cell monolayer (EPSRC PhD / JREI grant)
  • The Sheffield mobile phone and blood pressure study (MTHR grant)
  • Direct detection of axon firing in the optic nerve and visual cortex using MRI (PhD scholarship)