Dr Jon Willmott Profile Photo

Dr Jon Willmott

EPSRC Research Fellow (Manufacturing the Future)

web: http://www.sheffieldadc.com/
email : j.r.willmott@sheffield.ac.uk
tel: +44(0) 114 222 5436

Master of Physics (MPhys), University of Southampton 1999

PhD (Lasers, Optics and Liquid Crystals), University of Southampton 2003

  • Research Associate, University of Cambridge (2002-2004)
  • Senior Research Specialist, Land Instruments International Ltd. (2004-2015)
  • EPSRC Established Career Fellowship (2015-2020)
  • Senior Lecturer in Sensor Systems (2015 onwards)

Research Activities


  • High accuracy temperature measurement.
  • Emissivity and optical properties of metals, semiconductors and alloys.
  • Physical and optical properties of liquid crystals.

Electronics and Instrumentation

  • High speed optical detection.
  • Low noise, high speed circuits.
  • Electronics for harsh environments.
  • Signal processing for high accuracy instrumentation.
  • Novel optical systems.


  • Applications of radiation thermometry and thermal imaging to manufacturing.