Dr Peter Rockett


email : p.rockett@sheffield.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5589

Research Interests

  • Multi-objective genetic programming, particularly for feature extraction in machine learning, and dynamical systems
  • Application of machine learning to energy management in domestic and non-domestic buildings
  • Pattern recognition/machine learning
  • Multi-objective evolutionary optimisation
  • Quantitative analysis of medical images for the diagnosis/treatment of occlusive vascular disease
  • Knowledge discovery in process control

If you are looking for the dataset used in P.I.Rockett, "Performance assessment of feature detection algorithms: A methodology and case study on corner detectors ", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 12(12), 1668-1676 (2003), it can be downloaded from the following link.

Corner Dataset (52Mb zip file)