Fibre-to-air is a new concept for transporting RF signals to the air interface within the cellular network system. It can provide significant enhancements to network performance and flexibility, while reducing infrastructure and operating costs. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into existing systems enabling gradual roll-out where required.

Why is fibre-to-air important?

Fibre-to-air completely removes the requirement for coaxial cables within the cellular network system, including inside the antenna. It has several important operational advantages for network operators, OEMs and antenna manufacturers.
These include:

  • Enables fast multi-beam steering and switching <1ms
  • Minimises electronic components at the mast head
  • Approximately zero RF losses
  • Simplifies antenna designs
  • Reduces weight of antenna
  • Lower network operating costs
  • Enhances ease of upgrades
  • Can eliminate TMA/TMB
  • Simplifies urban site installation

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