Dr Ian RossDr Ian Ross

Experimental Officer

email : i.ross@sheffield.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 114 222 5811

Current Position

  • Experimental Officer: Kroto Centre for High Resolution Imaging and Analysis, EPSRC FEGTEM and Focused Ion Beam facility (2009).

Previous Positions and Qualifications

  • Post Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Sheffield (1999/2009): Nano-technology.
  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Southampton (1997/9): Bio-composites.
  • PhD, University of Liverpool, UK, (1998): Materials Science/Nano-particle Research
  • MSc(Eng) University of Liverpool, UK (1994): Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Graduate of the Institute of Ceramics, Staffordshire University, UK (1991)
  • Ceramic Technologist, Steetley Building Products Ltd/Redland Brick Ltd (1986/92)

Professional Society Membership

Research interests

Dr Ross's main research interests centre on the development of advanced electron microscopy and associated analytical techniques and their application to the characterisation of a range of nano-structured materials. These have included:

  • Chemical and interface analysis using electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS).
  • Structural characterisation of engineering ceramics, oxide layers and metal hybrid nano-particles.
  • Analysis of semiconductor devices, quantum dots and thin films.
  • Nano-structured metal-nitride protective surface coatings.
  • Development of focused ion beam techniques for advanced optical device fabrication and sample preparation.

Recent research topics include

  • Application of aberration corrected TEM/STEM (Sheffield JEOL 2200FS/R005)
  • Characterisation of nano-structured PVD thin films (InnovaTiAl) using a broad range of advanced electron microscopy techniques (FEG-SEM, FEG-TEM/STEM) including high spatial resolution aberration corrected microscopy (Daresbury- SuperSTEM), Raman microscopy and XRD.
  • Application of focused ion beam microscopy to study site specific oxidation, corrosion and wear in advanced PVD coatings.
  • Characterisation of SiGe/Si hetero-structures for Terahertz laser applications.