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Professor O'Farrell will be giving a Speech on Energy Efficiency Metrics for Communication at the Innovative Telecom Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Summit, April 21-22, 2016 ¦ Berlin, Germany

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Professor O'Farrell gave a Keynote Speech on Energy Metrics and Figures of Merit for Planning EE Communication Networks at the recent 3rd ETSI Workshop on ICT Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainabilit y, 3-5 June 2015, Sophia-Antipolis, France.

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Timothy O'Farrell is Chair Professor in Wireless Communications at the University of Sheffield, UK.

He is an expert in wireless communication systems specialising in physical layer signal processing, radio resource management and wireless network planning. He has pioneered research on energy efficient mobile cellular communications, the mathematical modelling of CSMA based MAC protocols for WiFi, iterative block coding for wireless communication systems and spreading sequence design for CDMA wireless networks.

He is an entrepreneur, being the cofounder and CTO of Supergold Communication (2000-2007), a start-up that participated in the standardisation of IEEE 802.11g with the MBCK proposal. In the framework of Mobile VCE (mVCE), Professor O'Farrell was the Academic Coordinator of the Core 5 Green Radio project (2009-2012) and a leader in establishing energy efficiency as a global research field in wireless communication systems.

He has managed 20 major research projects as principle investigator; he has published over 230 journal and conference papers; published 15 patents; and has participated in standards, consultancies and expert witness activities within the wireless sector.

Currently, Professor O’Farrell is a member of the mVCE Steering Group where he leads the Modus Operandi Focus Group responsible for translating mVCE’s research vision into strategic research roadmaps and programmes. Professor O'Farrell is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET and IEEE.

Research Interests

Wireless Physical Layer Research (Layer 1):

  • Multiple-Access (OFDMA, CDMA & MC-CDMA)
  • Forward Error Correction Coding and Iterative Decoding
  • Adaptive Coding & Modulation
  • MIMO and Massive MIMO Techniques
  • Spreading Sequence Design
  • Wireless Visible Light Communication

Wireless Network Research (Layer 2):

  • Energy and Spectrum Efficient Wireless Networking
  • MAC and Packet Scheduling Techniques
  • Radio Access Network Planning & Optimisation (2G, 3G, 4G & 5G)
  • Large Scale Dynamic System Level Simulation (WCDMA, HSPA, LTE, LTE-Advance, 5G)
  • Video Quality of Service

Key Research Projects

Total research spend £11.6 million

  • Frequency Agile Radio (FARAD), EPSRC 2015-2018 (EP/M013723/1 & EP/M01360X/1, £1,235,854)
  • Seamless and Adaptive Wireless Access for Efficient Future Networks (SERAN), EPSRC 2015-2018 (EP/L026147/1, £ 853,379),
  • Smart City Index, GSMA, 2013-2014, (£22,000)
  • System Level Simulator for Modelling HSPA+ and LTE-Advanced Radio Access Networks (VCEsim), EPSRC-KTA, 2012 (£32,000)
  • Networks of Sensors in Extreme Environments: High-Resolution Glacier Dynamic Monitoring, NERC, 2011-2014 (NE/I007148/1, £899,616)
  • Green Radio – Energy Efficient RAN Architectures, EPSRC/MVCE, Core-5, 2009-2012 (EP/G064105/1, EP/G064105/2 & MVCE, £2,500,000)
  • Care in Business, WEFO, 2011-2012 (KEP-EU-RES £147,000)
  • Superfast Broadband: Performance Metrics and Evaluation Methods, DWRH/BT, 2010-2011 (£50,000)
  • MIMO Wireless Test-bed, WEFO, 2008-2009 (KTC-EU-CAP £207,895)
  • IAT Extension, WEFO, 2008-2011 (ERDF £600,000)
  • Wireless Video Surveillance, DTI-KTP, 2007-2009 (£154,000)
  • Radio Resource Management using Perceptual Quality Methods for Home Networking, BT Industrial CASE, 2005-2009 (£88,464)
  • System for Management of Quality of Service in 3G Networks (SOQUET), EU/FP5, 2001-2004 (IST- 2000-28521, Euro 3,000,000)
  • Very High Data Rate Wireless Communications, SG Communication, 1999-2002 (£1,084,000)
  • Radio Resource Management for 2G/3G Cellular Mobile Systems, BT, 1996-2001 (£180,928)
  • Coded-Modulation for RF and IR WLAN Communication, Optimal Systems, 1997-1999 (£516,734)
  • Indoor Wireless Infrared (IR) Transmission, Royal Society, 1997-1998 (£10,000)

PGRs Supervised to Completion


  1. Turyagyenda, C., PhD, January 2014, University of Sheffield, Thesis Title: Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management for Future Mobile Cellular Radio Access Networks, Mr Charles Turyagyenda.. (Sponsor: EPSRC/MVCE Scholarship, External: Dr. Vasilis Friderikos, Kings College London)
  2. Wang, S., PhD, December 2013, University of Sheffield, Thesis Title: Energy efficient resource management for wireless enterprise and home networks. (Sponsor: EPSRC/MVCE Scholarship, External: Prof. Fu-Chun Zheng, University of Reading)
  3. Abukaris, S., PhD, November 2013, University of Sheffield, Thesis Title: Video quality control over broadband wireless home networks based on the 802.11n standard. (Sponsor: Libyan Gov. Scholarship, External: Prof. Qiang Ni, Lancaster University)
  4. Hamdoun, H., PhD, April 2013, Swansea University, Thesis Title: Energy efficient architectures and coding for enterprise and home networks. (Sponsor: EPSRC/MVCE Scholarship)
  5. Alzubi, J., PhD, March 2012, Swansea University, Thesis Title: An investigation of algebraic geometric coding for forward error correction with iterative decoding. (Sponsor: Jordanian Gov. Scholarship)
  6. Sholiyi, A., PhD, April 2011, Swansea University, Thesis Title: Irregular Block Turbo Codes for Communication Systems. (Sponsor: ORS & IAT Scholarship, External: Prof R. Carrasco, University of Newcastle)
  7. MacKenzie, R.T., PhD, October 2009, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Advanced radio resource management for home networking using perceptual quality methods. (Sponsor: EPSRC/BT industrial CASE Award, External: Dr John Thompson, University of Edinburgh)
  8. Serrato, J.C., PhD, January 2008, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Iterative coding techniques for wireless systems. (Sponsor: Mexican Gov. Scholarship, External: Prof. B. Honary, University of Lancaster)
  9. Awad, A.J., PhD, December 2007, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Coding, Modulation and MIMO techniques for 4G Mobile Systems. (Sponsor: Self Funded, External: Prof Lajos Hanzo, University of Southampton)
  10. Baghersalimi, G., PhD, March 2007, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Investigation of non- linearity effects on wideband modulation schemes in the radio-over-fibre channel. (Sponsor: Iranian Gov. Scholarship, External: )
  11. Trejo-Reyes, E., PhD, March 2004, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Medium access control stablisation for third generation radio access networks. (Sponsor: Mexican Gov. Scholarship, External Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Surrey University)
  12. Chin-Hee, L., PhD, January 2004, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Characterisation and compensation of direct laser modulation nonlinearity in radio-over-fibre systems. (Sponsor: ORS Award - Izzat)
  13. Donelan, H.M., PhD, March 2003, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Properties and applications of structured codes to spread spectrum communication systems. (Sponsor: EPSRC)
  14. Wong, K.K., PhD, December 2001, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Bandwidth efficient modulation techniques for spread spectrum based wireless infrared transmission. (Sponsor: ORS Award, External: Prof. Alister Burr, University of York)
  15. Wong, K.W., PhD, November 2001, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Adaptive single user detection techniques for DS/CDMA communications. (Sponsor: ORS Award)
  16. Omiyi, E.O.P., PhD, December 2000, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Medium access control for third generation cellular mobile systems. (Sponsor: ORS Award - imperial)
  17. Patel, N.R., PhD, May 2000, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: Single user detection for CDMA communication systems. (Sponsor: EPSRC, External: Prof. P.G. Farrell, University of Manchester)
  18. Lam, P.M., PhD, 1998, Asian Institute of Technology, Thesis Title: Study of a novel hybrid optical-electronic code-division multiple-access local area network based on Kronecker sequences. (Sponsor: Finnida)


  1. Abukaris, S., MPhil, January 2006, University of Leeds, Project Title: IEEE802.11g and Bluetooth coexistence characterisation for video transmission using perceptual video quality methods. (Sponsor: Lybian Gov. Scholarship)
  2. Kiatweerasakul, M., MPhil, September 1999, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: The application of spread spectrum techniques to indoor wireless infrared transmission. (Sponsor: Thai Gov. Scholarship)
  3. Sotiropoulos, S., MPhil, February 1997, University of Manchester, Thesis Title: Indoor wireless infrared communications. (Sponsor: EPSRC, External: Dr P. Lane, UCL)

MSc (Research)

  1. Joyce, R.M., MSc, July 1997, University of Leeds, Thesis Title: An investigation of advanced digital cellular radio technologies. (Sponsor: BT)