Student Profiles - current students share their experience of life in EEE at The University of Sheffield

Anouschka: MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering


"I found out about the Siemens Challenge and as the challenge was to make a device I applied for it as I thought it would a great opportunity to be let loose and to make something!"

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Lakshika: BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering


"Being part of Women In Engineering provides me with weekly motivation and I feel it is my duty to empower other women/girls."

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Nada: BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a Year in Industry

"The best thing about my course are the practical elements including the group projects as I have found that employers ask about these aspects when I have applied for jobs."

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Sam: MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering


I first developed an interest in electronics at GCSE, I bought an Arduino starter kit and went from there!

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Tudor: BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering with a Year in Industry


"Obviously when you’ve been a fan of McLaren ever since you were little, it can sometimes be overwhelming walking on the large airy corridors, next to the cars in which the likes of Senna, Hamilton or Alonso created history!"

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Michelle: BEng Electronic Engineering


"I attended a session run by the EEE Society where you got to control a micro-controller to light up LEDS which I loved!"

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Arthur: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


 "As an A-level student considering engineering, I think it’s important to understand that a degree in engineering won’t just enable a career in engineering. It will open doors in many different industries including finance, management, technical-journalism and IT."

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Matt: MEng Electronic and Communications Engineering


"There are loads of benefits for joining a society, for example, activities, degree support, personal development, advice, trips, opportunities to help organise events and create new ones, but mainly - loads of friends who you otherwise may never interact with."

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