Internal Mail

The Mail Team collect, sort, and distribute all internal mail across the University and have multiple mail runs throughout the day.

Any internal mail should be placed in an envelope and clearly addressed with the full name of the recipient, department, and building. Please ensure that all mail is correctly addressed as shown in the example image below. If re-using an envelope, please ensure that any previous information has been blocked out and the new address is clearly visible.

Correct addressing_internal mail

The department should place all internal mail in the green pouch ready for collection 30 minutes prior to the allocated collection time.The Mail Team collects the green pouches from collection points around the University, then sorts and delivers the internal mail to the correct recipient. The empty pouches will be returned to the department the following morning.

In extreme circumstances, contact us to request an additional collection. We will endeavour to meet the needs of all of our customers.


If you require any further information of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us