What's happening in Landscape Services?

With such a large campus there is always a lot of activity within the Landscape Services Team.

Below we detail some of the work that is carried out by the department:

Grounds maintenance/soft landscaping

This team is responsible for the maintenance of the green spaces within the University's diverse estate.

Hard landscaping team

The hard landscaping team covers a wide range of work from garden/green space refurbishment to repairs and renovation.

Tree team

The Tree Team is responsible for carrying out maintenance on all of the tress owned by the University, including emergency tree work across the estate. Click here for more information on their work.

Internal landscaping

This team carries out work for one off/repeated events requiring a touch of greenery and colour, such as graduation and awards ceremonies. They are also responsible for producing and maintaining permanent internal displays.

Pest control

The Landscape Services Team, along with our colleagues in the Engineering and Maintenance team, are responsible for minor pest control across the University, both within the University buildings and the residences. This is currently carried out on a 'reactive' basis. However, the team is working to develop a fully integrated scheme of pest management across the estate including proofing, monitoring and treatment of issues.

Snow clearing

During winter, the landscape services team is responsible for snow clearance by clearing footpaths and keeping routes clear and treated. Their work reduces accidents and ensures that the University's key business activities are able to safely go ahead.

Road sweeping

Although litter picking and bin clearing is also done by the campus grounds maintenance team, we can be seen driving our 'green machine' between 4.30am and 1.30pm, clearing car parks and public areas of rubbish.

Sports pitches

This team is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sports pitches at Goodwin Sports Centre and Norton playing fields, ensuring that the grounds are maintained to a high standard.


Landscape works closely with the environment team within the University to achieve aims and targets outlined in the University of Sheffield Biodiversity Action Plan through practical work and monitoring.