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We are proud to be a university where sustainability is an integral core value of what we do and is reflected in the knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation of our activities.  We are committed to developing the Sustainability conversation to further enhance and embrace a positive, sustainable change for the future both in our University community, our city and in the global-village of which we are stewards.

The University of Sheffield is committed to action on sustainability. Human health and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked. To improve both, one of the most important things we can do is consume less. Consuming less reduces greenhouse gas emissions; cuts down on fossil fuel consumption; and positively impacts air and water quality, public health, climate patterns, agricultural production and more.


The following is a small sample of some of the areas of sustainability action undertaken by the University of Sheffield. We are proud of the fact that there are many champions of environmental sustainability in the University with their own exciting initiatives and projects.  They are making a valuable contribution and their 'fingerprints' are seen over much of what we see and do.


Biodiversity describes the variety of life on Earth, and protecting and enhancing the variety of plants and animals that share our world is a crucial step towards achieving a sustainable society. Here at the University of Sheffield, we’re committed to ensuring that biodiversity is actively encouraged on campus wherever possible.

From installing bird, bat and bee boxes to creating state of the art green roofs on our buildings, we aim to mould our campus into a green environment where both people and nature can thrive.

On top of this, our award-winning landscape services team have created and restored some magnificent habitats that act as a haven for all manner of creatures. Whilst on university grounds, you’re never too far from a buzzing wildflower meadow or a beautiful patch of woodland! / visit

Carbon Management We believe that climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet and that we must all play a part in tackling it.

The Energy Team (that's us!) oversee the action being taken by the University to meet our HEFCE carbon reduction targets of a 43% reduction by 2020 (on a 2005 baseline). It is an ambitious challenge and we want to respond to it not out of duty, but with ambition and and with audacious determination to succeed. / visit

Energy management

Our Energy Strategy document outlines how we aim to achieve our targets. This strategy is an initial strategy document provided by the University's consultant Arup, and it will continue to be developed as our work progresses. /  visit

Ethical Investment

The following report presents a Socially Responsible Investment Policy for approval by Council on the recommendation of Finance Committee and Investment Group / view here

Public Value Group

To oversee the embedding of the concept of public value in existing core and operational activities, and through the existing committee and organisational structures. / Terms of reference

Sustainable printing

My Sustainable Print is the University print service for staff. You can print from any computer, mobile or tablet and collect from hundreds of printers in public areas around campus. / Read more

Staff & Student Engagement

Behaviour change is a hugely important area of any environmental work. We're working to support staff and students who want to make change happen across the University.  / How EFM are supporting Behaviour Change

Sustainable procurement

The University of Sheffield acknowledges that the Higher Education sector has a significant impact on the environment, society and the economy when purchasing its goods and services. / Read more

Sustainable transport

The University of Sheffield is committed to sustainable travel and seeks to promote alternatives to one-person-one-car commuter travel where possible. / Read

Waste and recycling

Our strategic aims and aspirations are set out in the Environmental Policy. The policy is our roadmap and it acts as starting point for change within the organisation. / visit


Electric cars

Our Electric vehicles offer all that conventional vehicles do, without the noise, CO2 or NOX emissions; taking care of you and the environment you live in today.     / More Information

MySustainable Print

My Sustainable Print is the University of Sheffield's outstanding print service for staff. It helps us to ensure minimise use of desktop printers, reduce paper usage and introduce a more efficient, greener method of printing / Read more

Sustainable Buildings

The University of Sheffield has committed to developing low carbon buildings, setting ourselves the ambitious target of BREEAM excellent as a minimum for all new capital projects ─ the most widely used environmental assessment for buildings.

Green Impact

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation awards scheme (with a competitive element), that brings together staff and students to play an active role in improving the sustainable practices of their office, building or department.


Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth, and includes all species of plants, animals and the natural systems that support them.  / Information

My Sustainable Campus

Recycling is easy Sustainable Follow the link
The rubbish bin

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The blue bin

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An agenda for the future ~ We are strongly committed to creating a community for its stakeholders that operates in an environmentally sustainable, economically feasible and socially responsible way.

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