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Cycle Hub

Project Manager:  | Tel: 0114 222 9206

To meet the needs of our ever-growing cycling community for both students and staff, we will be providing a new central cycle hub close to the Students' Union building, which will include facilities such as secure storage for around 160 cycles, lockers changing rooms and showers.

A further cycle hub will also be built close to The Diamond providing storage for 300 cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions


If the information provided here does not answer your query please contact:

For construction related issues -

Project Manager, Paul Morrison 0114 222 9206 - 

For cycle related issues -

Darren Hardwick, Car Parking and Sustainable Travel Manager 0114 222 9056 -

General questions

How many bikes will the cycle hub store?

How do I access the cycle hub?
Access to the cycle hub is via the upper level outside the Interval bar opposite the East entrance of the Students union

Is the cycle hub secure?
Yes, swipe card access is in place and CCTV monitoring

Do I need a key code to access the facility?
No key code is required. Access if via swipe card (your U card)

Are there any showers and changing rooms in the cycle hub?
Yes, there are three changing areas, male, female and accessible changing facility

Is there a cost to use the lockers?
Subscription - you’ll need to sign up for a locker at a cost for the key and locker. Costs are still being finalised and we’ll add the information here once it’s agreed.

Do I need to bring my bike lock?
Yes, you will need to lock your bike and any removable accessories. Whilst it will be much more secure than an open compound, you still need to take responsibility of your own belongings.

What this will mean for the cycle racks outside the front of the building on Hounsfield Road/concourse under the road?
As work starts to improve the concourse as a continuation of the Campus Masterplan, the majority of the bike parking on the concourse area will be removed. A small number of racks will remain for people making short visits to the Students Union.

Are the facilities in the cycle hub pre-bookable?

Cycle hut connection – will there be the opportunity to provide cycle maintenance on site?
Nothing is planned at the moment

Is there an annual/monthly fee to use the cycle hub?
There are no costs to students and staff other than the locker subscription mentioned in the response to an earlier question.

Is the facility for both staff and student use?
Yes, the cycle hub can be used by both staff and students, you just need to bring your u card.

Is the facility for use by the general public?

Do I need to bring my ucard for access/as id?

Is it safe to use after dark?
The cycle hub and surrounding area will be well lit

What are the opening hours?
There are no fixed opening hours at present

Is the cycle hub manned?

Do I need to register to use this facility?
Yes – further details will be provided prior to the opening.

Will there be all gender toilets in the facility?


Are there cubicle showers in the facility?

Can I leave my bike there overnight?
No, as this could mean others are unable to use for evening events.

Any plans for similar facilities on campus
Yes, the University has plans to provide similar facilities at the proposed new Social Science building (Northumberland/Whitham Road) and at Leavygreave road (near the Diamond Building)

Will there be a priority user for the hub

What do I do if the facility is full? Are there any alternatives?
The transport policy team are currently looking at ways to monitor this facility

I have a child seat on my bike, can this be accommodated?

If I forget my bike lock, have you got any spares?


Programme related questions

How long will it take to build the facility?
The construction of the cycle hub will take approximately 4 months (June to September 2017)

What will happen to building works during key periods, e.g. graduation, resits, open days?
The building work will be suspended on graduation day as this formed part of the tender package

Will there be a site compound for the contractors?
5 Favell Road will provide the site office for the contractor and the contractor will secure the area around the site

Will contractor parking be provided during the construction work?
No contractor parking will be provided on site, except for emergency first aid vehicles

Will the building work be noisy?
There will be some noise disruption because of the nature of the job 

How do I find out about service shut downs to Hicks/Students’ Union and surrounding areas?
Staff members from adjacent buildings are represented on the project stakeholder team and will relay any relevant information to their building users.

I work in the Hicks/Students’ Union building, if the noise gets too much who do I contact?
EFM Helpdesk 0114 222 9000

Will access to the concourse remain during the works?
During the main construction period there will be some disruption surrounding the area and access may be restricted.

How do I find out if the works are on programme?
The cycle hub project details are available on this web page -


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