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SUMS modular small 3Project overview

The University's Management School has been very successful in attracting high numbers of applications for its courses. We are therefore providing additional temporary teaching accommodation until the new Social Sciences building is opened in 2021.

A planning application for a temporary modular unit on part of the existing car park on Northumberland Road has been approved. Work will start on site in June 2018.

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Project details

Project manager: Emel Kus-Senior, Department of Estates and Facilities Management

Contact: [email] [tel] 0114 222 9003

Location: Northumberland Road car park, Northumberland Road

Timescale: June-September 2018

What is the duration of the project?

We received planning permission in late June. The work will be complete in time for the start of the new academic year.

What work will take place?

The plans are for ten modular units over two storeys. The units will be used for teaching seminar groups of up to 30 students, mostly from the Management School. The car park will also be redesigned to accommodate parking requirements and to provide as much planting as possible.

How will this project  affect local residents?

Construction work will take place over the summer, but we will work hard with the contractors to keep any noise and disruption to a minimum. Once the work is complete, the building will be managed by the University.

If approved, how long will this be in place for?

We are applying for temporary planning permission for three years, after which the additional students will be accommodated in the new Social Sciences building at the junction of Northumberland and Whitham Roads. Site preparation for the Social Sciences building will start later this year and the building is due for completion by spring 2021.

I regularly park in Northumberland Road car park - will there be enough spaces?

As part of the design for the temporary building, the car park will be redesigned to ensure the best possible use of the land available and minimum loss of car parking spaces. Any spaces lost will be reprovided elsewhere within University car parks.

Click here for more information on parking.

Why does the University need this extra space?

Our Management School has been extremely successful in recruiting additional students and we need to ensure those students benefit from teaching and learning spaces as close to the Management School as possible. This is a temporary solution until we complete the new Social Sciences building.

What will be the opening hours for the new building?

Plans are that initially the building opening hours will be 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

How will the site be kept secure?

There will be external lighting and CCTV coverage at the site.

Will there be any cycle parking?

Yes, there will be 25 dedicated cycle hoops provided on-site.


SUMS modular 1

SUMS modular 2

SUMS modular 6

SUMS modular 3


Proposed site SUMS

Click here to see the plan in full (PDF)
Parking arrangements for staff and Sport Sheffield

Development of this teaching accommodation will lead to the temporary loss of around 50 parking spaces for approximately three years. We appreciate the inconvenience this will cause users, but we are able to offer a choice of alternative parking arrangements for those who may be affected.

For Category B permit holders who often park in Northumberland Road the closest alternative is next to Dam House. In addition, B permit holders may park in Category R car parks, the closest to central campus are around Stephenson Hall. These car parks are less popular with student residents, particularly during the summer months, so spaces are regularly available. They are approximately 10 minutes’ walk from the Medical School, and 15 minutes’ walk from the Elmfield Building, Management School and Sport Sheffield.

Subject to planning approval, Category B permit holders who regularly use Northumberland Road have two options:

  • Retain your Category B permit and carry on as normal, with the option to park in Stephenson Main Entrance (8 spaces), Cratcliffe (7 spaces), Carrysbrook (15 spaces), Birchen (7 spaces) or Stephenson A-G (24 spaces) car parks.
  • Transition to a Category R permit (£120 per year) and park in the above car parks. Please state you wish to cancel your B Permit on the online application form.

If you choose to change to a Category R permit, we will be happy to return it to a Category B if you change your mind, or after the building work is complete. Sport Sheffield permit holders may continue to use Northumberland Road and also Dam House. These car parks will remain available in the evening for those using the sports facilities.

Click here to apply for an R permit or for further information on the location of car parks

Map of car parks around Stephenson Hall:

Car Parks Map Stephenson

Latest news
  • 19/10/18: Project complete and car park reopened.
  • 14/08/2018: Groundworks are complete and the first units have been delivered to site. 
  • 23/07/2018: Groundworks have started on site.