Public Realm Project

Public Realm

Project Details:

Client: Professional Services

Location: Central Campus – Leavygreave Road, Upper Hanover Street, Western Bank, Hounsfield Road, Portobello

Start: January 2016 | Completion: July 2016

Project Manager

BrianProject Manager:
Mr Brian Evans


0114 222 9038

Consideration for building users

Yellow bullet pointTraffic Regulation Orders (TROs) were advertised as part of the project. A full consultation was undertaken and works were advertised in local media. Proposals were approved by Sheffield Highways Committee in July 2015.


InformationThe prestigious Public Realm Project has evolved from the University’s Campus Masterplan which aims to create the best possible environment for all our students and staff and make better links with local communities and the wider city.

Yellow bullet pointNew and improved key public realm and landscaped spaces will be created, not only for students and staff to enjoy, but also for the wider Sheffield City community. Connectivity of pedestrian and cyclist routes will be enhanced across campus and into the City Centre.

Yellow bullet pointQuality of life will be capitalised and strengthened in the Sheffield City Region, delivering sustainable economic growth.

The project will extend the existing Sheffield City Council ‘Gold Route’, a pedestrian and cycle friendly artery linking Sheffield Train Station with the University Arts Tower and Western Park. The route will be finished in high quality granite and sandstone pavers, beautifully landscaped with new lighting, planters, and seating.

Project Planning & Enabling Works

Yellow bullet pointAll works will be carefully planned and managed to keep disruption to a minimum. The University will work with Sheffield City Council and Principal Contractor to ensure regular accurate updates are provided whilst the works are ongoing, making sure the work is delivered in a timely and safe manner.

As a first phase of work, buses on Western Bank will be re-routed along Durham Road and Glossop Road. A new crossing will be formed on Western Bank opposite the Arts Tower Car Park entrance, and the lower crossing moved upwards; the existing central reservation will be removed. Significantly improved highways crossings will also be provided on Upper Hanover Street, to enable safe crossing along Leavygreave Road.

NewsNews & Progress

Keeping you up to date with the Public Realm Project:

Preparation works

Site preparation works will be starting in the coming months, ahead of which a more detailed regular communication will be issued shortly to all current car park users and the wider community.

Traffic Calming

Leavygreave Road (East) and part of Portobello Street will be closed to cars and buses, providing a welcoming shared space for pedestrians and cyclists, with better paving and seating, trees and other plants. Victoria Street and Gell Street will become a cul-de-sac during the day.   Leavygreave Road (West), Hounsfield Road (West) and Favell Road will also be pedestrianised and upgraded to create a new square and setting for the proposed new developments.

Cycle friendly

A new cycle route will be created from Mappin Street along Portobello and Leavygreave Road, connecting all the way through to Hounsfield Road and the Arts Tower.

Green spaces

In future phases St George's Green will be reshaped to create much more usable green space at the heart of the campus, with trees, meadow and hedgerow planting.

Further Improvements

Later improvements hope to establish a new public route through the North Campus, linking Broad Lane to Solly Street and the new Edward Street Park, to compliment planned SCC funded improvements to the public space around the Montgomery Fountain.