Faculty of Engineering in The Diamond 

The Diamond accommodates undergraduate teaching for the Faculty within specialist teaching laboratories, lecture theatres and flexible teaching rooms over six floors. The building also provides substantial mixed-use, student-led learning and teaching spaces.

The nineteen laboratories in the building provide specialised engineering facilities to offer an excellent practical experience for students. These include a clean room, a virtual and augmented reality laboratory and a workshop. Dedicated teaching staff will deliver exciting teaching to support students' development into graduate engineers.

Our Vision

  • The Diamond to be the best integrated engineering teaching space in the UK if not the world
  • To equip our 1st and 2nd year students with the necessary fundamental experimental skills and technical competencies, which will feed into their 3rd and 4th year learning and research/industry led projects, and which will help them to develop the academic and technical skills that industry is seeking from top graduates.
  • To showcase all this to the city and the world


Staff Led Learning

  • 2540 places in total
  • 9 lecture theatres - 1 x 400, 2 x 240, 4 x 160, 2 x 80 capacity
  • 3 flexible teaching rooms - 2 x 80 (linked) and 1 x 68 (linked) capacity
  • 30+ breakout and group study rooms for 6 - 40 studentsspacer

Student Led Learning

  • 24/7 access, delivered as Information Commons East. More details can be found here.

Specialist Engineering

  • 1200 engineering study spaces
  • computer suites 302 spaces (linked)

19 engineering teaching laboratories which includes:

  • Pilot Plant
  • Structures and Dynamics Laboratory
  • Pilot Plant Control Room
  • Analytics Laboratory
  • Machine Shop
  • Project Space
  • Clean Room
  • Aerospace Simulation Laboratory
  • Computer Room 1, 2 and 3
  • Electronics and Control Laboratory
  • Materials Laboratory
  • Bioengineering - Bacterial Laboratory
  • Bioengineering - Tissue Laboratory
  • Fluids Engineering Laboratory
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory
  • Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory

There are feature laboratories
within The Diamond which are:

  • Machine Shop and Project Space
  • Clean Room
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory


Atrium Picture

The Atrium.

Bio Mammalian Lab

The Bioengineering - Tissue Laboratory.

Lecture Theatre

The majority of the lecture theatres are housed in the Basement Level.

Fly-through video


Building as a research/ teaching lab

The Faculty is taking the opportunity in The Diamond of exploring a number of opportunities to express the engineering characteristic of the building and provide future opportunities for teaching and research, these have been identified under thematic areas.

  • Engineering legibility of the building design
  • Technology showcasing
  • Data gathering, communicating information and experimentation

Student site visit

Enhancing the student learning experience

The construction of The Diamond gave an ideal opportunity for some of our students to visit site and learn about the project as part of their studies. The visits were programmed in for the duration of the build. Balfour Beatty also provided a summer placement and a year in industry placement for two of our Civil and Structural Engineering students.

Streaming webcamYou can view our high definition streaming webcam of this exciting project as it unfolds here