We have a number of plans for work around Crewe Hall, student accommodation between Oakholme and Westbourne Roads.

Tennis courts Crewe

Phase 1 (Sept 2018 onwards)

Tree felling, crown thinning and thinning out of woodland

Two very large trees on Oakholme Road have unfortunately been found to be in significant decline, and now pose a health and safety risk. These will be removed in September and replaced later in 2018/early 2019 with two semi-mature red oak in the same locations.

Some of our trees bordering Betjeman Gardens and Oakholme Mews are overlooking properties and at residents' request we will be carrying out crown thinning on a number of them. This will be of no detriment to the tree and will allow more light through for residents.

The woodland which sits alongside the Crewe Hall tennis courts will be thinned out (pictured left). This will allow better specimens to flourish in the area and open up more of the space for appropriate planting. We are working with an ecologist on this so to not disrupt wildlife.

Planting of an arboretum

Our tree team is working with a portion of the land around Crewe Hall to create an arboretum, bringing with it the planting of 42 trees including some rare and unusual specimens for Sheffield.

Work on this exciting project starts in September 2018.

Phase 2 (Nov 2019 onwards)

Crewe Driveway

Westbourne Road drive

The woodland and border of the drive to Crewe Halls, which runs adjacent to Westbourne Road (pictured left), has not been maintained - as such, there is some work to do from late 2019. 

We will be thinning out the woodland, allowing healthy trees to flourish. The hedge on the driveway will also be rejuvenated and shaped appropriately.

Once this work is complete, we will be introducing new borders and planting appropriate to the original age and designs of the property.