Tree works February 2019

In the coming weeks, our tree team are felling and pruning some trees which are diseased, dying, or pose a hazard to people and buildings.

Belgrave Wood Conservation Area

Urgent health and safety works are to begin on Monday 11 February. The team will be clearing some trees which pose a safety hazard to people and other trees in the area. This work is expected to last until Thursday 14 February.

Humanities Research Institute

A large London Plain tree behind the Humanities Research Institute on Upper Hanover Road will be pruned as it is posing a hazard to the building.


A dead beech tree on Endcliffe Crescent and a diseased beech tree with honey fungus on the Endcliffe Vale Road entrance to Halifax Hall will be removed within the next six weeks.

We have identified a diseased ash tree near to Tapton Annexe. This will be removed and cleared.