Upcoming tree works in July

On 2 July, we will be felling a beech tree infected with honey fungus. The tree is to the side of Millstone flats and near Halfax Hall Hotel, Endcliffe Vale Road. The tree has been inspected by three independent consultants who have confirmed the disease.

On 9 July, we will be removing a large beech tree on Endcliffe Crescent, close to The Edge and the paddock. We have been working to save the tree for many years but it is dying and needs to be felled for public safety reasons.

Both trees will be felled by Sheffield Tree Care, on behalf of the University.

In the next few weeks, we will be working on shrub clearance and removing some self-set trees of poor quality next to the gatehouse on the University's North Campus.

In other more positive news, our tree team have recently purchased over 200 mainly semi-mature trees. We are still working on where they will be planted but we hope to concentrate on Northumberland Road and the area around the Arthur Willis Environment Centre, as well as the main campus.

We have also recently planted 10 large Himalayan birch in the newly landscaped area outside of the new Cycle Hub.

Our landscaping team have been busy improving the area next to CiCS on Hounsfield Road with new planting.

new planting